Menthol Effect

Im trying to get some of my fruit mixes to have a menthol effect for the wife.
She likes T Juice Red Astaire but wants me to menthol it up for her.
Now I have tried FW Menthol 10% in it at various percentages but it still tastes the same.
I have koolada and also FW extreme Ice
Will these give it a menthol effect and at what percentages as never used them yet.


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Here are links to flavor notes. Though in a mix you don’t want to use the median adding all three. You would be making jet fuel at that point. Freeze your lungs.

With koolada you won’t get a flavor, it is flavorless and just adds a cooling effect. Best used at around 1% Once you get past the 1.5% range it gets kinda funky.

Extreme ice is icy icy.

Your menthol should be sufficient to get what you want at median percentages.

I do use a combo of 2 in a mix by @Skullblade789

It is very icy and may give you the desired vape for your bride.


Very well thanks Lolly
Not been on site for a while been busy working away.
Thanks for replies I Think I give the Koolada a try in Red Astaire and see how I go


Try Capella Cool Mint at 4% if you are vaping sub-ohm around 30-40 Watts. If you are vaping very low ohm coils and high wattage, take the cool mint down to about 2%. This is a very sweet menthol like addition to any mix.

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