Menthol Eliquid Recipe

Hey guys! I need some help or something that can get this person close to an eliquid called Menthol Burst. She can no longer get her eliquid because of the ban so she’s going to try DIY. From what I’m reading on the eliquid it’s like a breath mint. I’m not a menthol vaper so if you have a DIY menthol recipe that is similar to this please let me know.


if it’s spearmint, FA Spearmint at 4% with a little sweetener is good, it’s the only mint I have but I love it


its more of a cool menthol Joel. i’ve not made juice before.


Spearmint fa at 4% with some (0.5-1%) sweetener tasted like chiclets to me.


All of my cool menthol recipes here

I recommend this one…

I add fruit or what ever to it for a change… but it is a fine cool menthol candy cane type…
If you find the peppermint too strong, just lower it :slight_smile:


A combination of Spearmint, Peppermint from Flavour Art or Inawara, and a touch of menthol from TPA if necessary (start with 0.5%) should give something in the right ballpark.

It is nice, for once, to get someone with a more realistic starter project than ‘super complicated coffee nut custard tobacco’ :slight_smile:

2 Likes A great video showing how to start to DIY

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If it’s like a white tic-tac I suggest purilum butter mint, add a little menthol and maybe a touch of vanilla and your golden.


Thanks for the confirmation my dude! That’s what it reminds me of!

Didn’t know they still made those though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just use 1% FLV Peppermint and add 0.5% FLV Sweetness to it. It’s almost exactly the same flavor and cooling strength as these mints that we used to get when we were kids.