Menthol n Forest Fruit Recipe

Howdy…new to forums and new to diy. Here is my recipe:

Just a note, this is actually nicotine free as the stuff I ordered will be here Monday.

It is just now reaching a 24 hour steep. Tasted a drop and it is a nice strong menthol with nice berry flavor. Vaped some of it and the menthol is much milder and the berries are more in the background. Hoping it will improve with some steeping time.

One thing I noticed is that is dry…weird for a menthol. I had read that the Cotton Candy would give it a bit more mouth feel. Any suggestions? Also, anything I could tweek on this recipe?



I m not a menthol regular, but when my fruit mixes taste a little dry, i add some INW cactus . It makes fruits a little juicer.


Welcome !!!

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???lol, stop editing it

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sorry was trying to figure out how to post it so the recipe showed up in the test. Got it! ha.

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Cotton candy is a sweetener in most cases and it easily mutes your recipe, as well as destroying your coils, if applied too high. its not for mouthfeel really

Menthol is OK if someone likes that, but paired with 2,5% extreme ice + koolada? Guess if that’s what you like, for me it would be too much lol .

Forrest fruit does have off notes, very floral too some, I never go over 2% with it, but then again taste is subjective and your high menthol and/or ethyl malthol probably masks these off notes.

But again if that what you like, then stick with that, nobody else needs to like it unless you planning on selling it.


okay…used it at 1% because the notes on it said “Mix at 0.5-1%: At these low levels Ethyl Maltol adds body, moisture, and reduces sharp notes. It rounds off the flavors, and brings them out a bit by reducing flavor intensity”.

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When ya add that for a mouthful u are also smoothing out the overall feel so think menthol/cold hits maybe less, I dont use 'mellow types much but 'mellow FA i do for just the mouthful part w/o added sugar, again no expert perhaps someone w/ experience w/ that more…For more menthol taste just try and add Menthol TPA, the combo of extreme ice and koolada is nice there, one does the inhale and one does the exhale, i forget which.It does remind me of Ken’s in which i add fruit to and vape evryday to clean me out/kick start the buds.You’d more then likely lower the extreme ice to reason. Gl to u!


First let me welcome you to DIY and to ELR.

Next, I would recommend getting Flavour Art’s marshmallow and pear. The marshmallow will add some mouthfeel and a bit of sweetness. The pear will add juiciness, taking care of the " dryness " of the recipe.

In the meantime I would probably drop the Forest Mix to 3% ( of course that is merely a suggestion. You may have found you like it were it’s at ). If you want to add some juiciness to combat the dryness you could add .5% orange, FA and .75 Tanger.

I have never put so much Koolada and or Extreme ice in a recipe, so I don’t know how it interacts with other concentrates, so you may have to play with the percentages.

Last but not least you could tell me to go stick my head in the sand.

Anywho, Stick with it and if you ever need help we are here. Also, you can find answers by typing your question into the search bar.