Menthol or menthol like flavor?

i am in search for a menthol other than the tpa one…

the profile i seek is being a freezing strong menthol THOUGH not being minty like the tpa one…
does Arctic Menthol (FA) fits this profile? could you suggest anything else that fits in this profile?

i am almost done with my Furiosa Ice Beam clone, thing is that i don’t know any menthol that can give that strong freezing feeling like the original…

Koolada (TPA) is out of question because:
a) after a while is lossing it’s strength (menthol does, but koolada seems to get almost completely dissapeared, in large batches after a long time steeping or long time to end the batch it just dissapears)
b) isn’t so strong as menthol…
c) at some high percentages gives a funny taste…

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

FA Arctic Winter is my go to for s smooth straight mint flavor. I am mixing in some of my fruit mixes at 0.50% with WS-23 30% at 0.25%. The WS-23 30% makes it super ice cold.

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I guess it depends on if you want menthol or a cold sensation, FA Arctic is pretty good for menthol, but just for a cold sensation Polar Blast (FA) is quite nice. I have seen so much about the WS 23 or whatever it’s called, a good cooling agent (I have not tried). A lot of people seem to love it.

searching just for the cold sensation… thank you very much :slight_smile: i will check Polar Blast (FA) too :slight_smile:

could you give some more info for the WS-23 please? any link or flavor that contains it?
thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I have Polar Blast if you want it, I just haven’t used it in so long, except for adding to mouthwash, it’s 90% full if you want it. I don’t mind sending it if you wanted to try.


@Silhouette put up the link for ecigexpress. That is the only place that I could find WS-23 already diluted. It is in crystal form. Ecigexpress has it ready to go in a PG solution. I like Koolada. Just not how it effected my flavors. I kept hearing about it and pulled the trigger. So glad I did. It gives a super cool inhale. It gave the recipes I added to it to a different dimension, in a very good way. Without changing the flavor at all. I have a couple of Frappuccino recipes I am working and got this for them in particular, but found that i love in many other recipes. Also was great add in when I got sick. That is where I started with it. Mixed it in my Raspberry Mint Lemonade and made it Frozen. I think that any cold beverage mix could go well.


Hey BTW that Raspberry Mint Lemonade looks really good, I was thinking of getting some of the cooling stuff to make it. Bravo on that, I don’t usually like fruits, but raz and lemon is a profile I still prefer.

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Thank you. Same to you on your Strawberry Vertically Challenged Bar. I am missing a lot of the flavors, but looks good. I do have the RF Strawberry SC. I recently subbed it for in my Strawberry base in a Strawberry Cheesecake. Original-Cap Strawberry Sweet 3%&TPA Strawberry Ripe 3%. I switched it for the CAP at 2% with the Ripe still at 3%. It was not as good off the shake as my original recipe, but seems to be getting better with steeping. What are your thoughts on RF Strawberry SC. Also definitely going to put the WS-23 30% in some Blue Raz recipes. My favorite is OSDIY Blue Raspberry, but I have to mix it at such a high percentage. Thinking of LB. I have read good things on it.

I am using Extreme Ice and Menthol (Natural), both by FW and both at 1%. It provides a very icy vape. In a 300ml mix I will put in 2 squirts of Liquid Stevia (Pyure) for a sweet menthol flavor.


It’s a tough one with the RF Strawberry, I really love its beginning flavor, and adding it to drinks, but I have a hard time tasting anything but ‘green’ as it’s steeps. I was never big on berry flavors, I only have a few I enjoy, not many. I feel like if I could find a deep, red, berry jam flavor I might like it. The RF Strawberry fades quickly flavor wise for me, I don’t know if that’s just me or what, but I taste green, or what seems like bland, tart, white flesh from it after it steeps.


It does for me too. A 2 week steep and then I try to vape it before the 4 week mark.

thank you sir :wink:

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Is this offer still open for anyone? :grin: