Might be a starter pack for someone

got myself in a snap with funds this month so ive listed a few things on the bay. thought i would share the listing with those here. maybe someone knows a person out there looking for a decent startup concentrate pack. been waiting for them to pull this listing. facbook already pulled it from their marketplace and the buy sell trade groups i listed it in. and a couple groups kicked me for listing it…


got a couple amps listed as well…lol.

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I would grab it if I could.

Do you have a google+ account? If so you can post it here if you want

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i will try posting it up on there thanks man :slight_smile:

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Strange that Facebook would pull it from the marketplace, but then again, I’m part of a group from the local counties and that’s about all we do is post gear for sale, so might be a thing to look into.
Local vape groups usually are pretty good about letting you post like that, if a group chucked you for it, then just stay away from them. Nothing but vape haters in my opinion.
If I had funds on hand, I would definitely buy it. Sadly my wife has the account on lock down since my last “experimental flavors” shopping spree.

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ill be searching around for some different groups to post in. im only on the diyordie group and im pretty sure they dont want any mention of it on there.

I know, I would too. Sucks being broke.