Mike's mellons substitutes

Hey everyone i’m looking to make this

Now my question is would you substitute the mango wiith either INW or FA and cantaloupe with FA? and if so at what percentages? I’m asking this because i hear that these brands make better fruit flavors

Thx very much

Ive mixed up this receipe for my mum and i wouldnt change a thing, all the flavours come thru just nice tho its not a juice i would make For myself as i dont enjoy those flavours, maybe if it had other flavours added to it like a cream or custard base or something similar then maybe it might be better.


thx i ordered the flavors and will see if i like it in a few weeks

just mixed this letting it steep for a few days hope its good!

I make this for the hubby with TPA papaya (which I hate the smell of… blech!) and mango, but use CAP cantaloupe at the same %. That’s the only sub I’ve ever done and he loves it. I like the taste too, but just can’t handle the smell. I have FA Costa Rica special (mango) and that would probably taste good in this mix–not sure if that’s the FA flavor you were thinking of though…? But the recipe as-is is pretty tasty.

Mikes melons is an adv for me, can be a little harsh straight away so let it steep well and it will mellow a bit but yummy none the less

one of my vaping buddies just vapes this, all the time. we go to our regular vape shop, he buys 5 or 6 of the original and maybe 1 something else. i tried one recently (i used it before) but then gave him the rest of the bottle. it’s too strong for me - funny it showed us how different we are in our taste. i made the recipe for him, all TPA flavors 5% each - he liked it and it’s spot on.

if i vape this, i would use TPA’s Philippine Mango (the sweeter mango vs the regular sour mango) - and would up the Papaya couple of percents, maybe add some vanilla Ice cream at 2-3% to smooth it a bit, and give it some creamy touch from the all-fruit style it has. another idea would be to sub one of the fruits with Pineapple - it may be a refreshing variation
it really depends on who’s vaping it and what they are into (bold fruits, then as-is, vs sweet creamy’s) -

How long did you let it steep?

I find it harsh after a week but 2 weeks it’s really mellow.

I let it steep for 2 weeks before i vaped it, a few days wont be enough, you will notice the colour change after a week, might be ok to vape in a week but 2 weeks its much better.

it’s all fruits, so the saying goes that it shouldn’t be much steeping. the original is water-clear too. we gave it a warm bath, and i think at the end he kept it in queue for 2 weeks before vaping it.
as for me, i think my tank/coil set-up magnifies flavors, when i mixed it at 4% each, it was OK.

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