Milk Egg Health Cabin?

Anyone tried this flavor before? If so can ya tell me if it’s worth a pick up?

What in the blazes is a milk egg??? :laughing:

Eggs and milk. Huuuuuuuh

Kinda sounds like eggnog and strawberry an cream. Hmmmm lol

LOL. I guess we looked at the topic of this one the same way. wtf? Never heard of such a thing before.

found it on onestopdiy’s site…

Ahh. I was just there today spending more money.

I here that. Even though i don’t buy a $120 a week in cigarettes. The momey just seems to go to other things now. Lmfao

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Bet it’s a custard. Beating milk and egg together is a weird custard. Does not seem to be any HC custard offerings at OSDIYS.


I just dug around Health Cabin’s website. Couldn’t find this flavor there, but there is a reference to it in their 30 ml Candy Flavoring section. Anyway I agree with @Brotherbob1 it’s probably just a simple custard/pudding (milk, egg, sugar) flavor.


I had quit smoking for 5 years. So it is all new expenses for me. But I don’t care. I LOVE vaping even more than I loved smoking.


Milk Egg- think of Cadbury Crunchies…if youve ever had the candy bar…its a great flavor, but you have to be very light handed…think 1% and under to start…its strong, its buttery, chocolate-tastes a little like english toffee…def worth adding to your collection…as is Healthcabin Cereal, Honey Coffee, Lemon, RY4, 555 and a number of others…Oh- Caramel butter and Sweet corn…


okay one thing that concerned me and why I haven’t pushed the buy button …Oil water based: Bubble Gum/Cappuccino/Caramel butter/Caramel Apple/Chocolate black/Chocolate white/Creamy vanilla
Cotton candy/Hazelnut chocolate/Milk egg/Chocolate Cake/Butterscotch/Cheesecake/Tiramisu/Toffee/Caramel pear/Cookie
Bavarian cream/Vanilla custard

what exactly does Oil water based mean?

I think its a lame reason, but probably because its China…I have to say, I have most of the flavors listed there, and there is no ‘oily’ residue…my guess is that its an attempt to cover themselves, as there is also no real testing done for ap/da…In fact…the only company that offers lab tests on their flavor line is Flavourart…any of the others is a crap shoot, IMO…
The bright side of this is that Healthcabin flavors are dirt cheap and super concentrated…next time they run a special, grab a bunch…Ive tasted MANY of their flavorings in popular ‘premium’ liquids…Caramel Pear, for example…

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okay you have to tell me what you’d use sweet corn in?

lol I bit the bullet got the caramel pear, milk egg, cereal, and sweet corn because heck why not

I find uses for all of those…sweet corn makes the best Caramel popcorn Ive ever made…
Kettle Corn
5% VZ Creme Brulee
3% HC Butter Caramel
3% HC Sweetcorn
Just a warning…Cereal…ONE DROP per 10 or even 20ml…it’s STRONG…tastes like an unsweetened oat cereal…add one drop to about any fruit mix and it ‘cerealizes’ it…

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I just found a food dessert recipe for it I’m going to try out. This should be fun LOL ooohh wonder how that FA Glory would pop with Sweet corn?

FA Glory is a 555 tobacco…but yeah…I guess you could get kind of an ‘AP’ type taste…

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