Milk Suggestions

Interested in making a sweet milk. Kinda like the bottom of a cereal bowl. Tried various recipes thru ELR and still searching. Any of you vets got any suggestions using listed flavors? Much appreciated. Reading a ton and learning, still got miles to go.


Sweet milk based on your stash

CAP Vanilla Custard 2.50%
TPA Malted Milk 1%
TPA Bavarian Cream 0.50%

Should get you most of the way there adjust the % to taste but don’t push the malted milk much higher as it turns funky.


No guarantees because everyone’s palate is different but I’ll take a shot at this…
Caramel (Original) (TPA) 0.5%
Dairy Milk (TPA) 2.5%
Marshmallow (TPA) 1%
Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 2%
Sweet Cream (TPA) 1.5%


What cereal are you thinking because that can make a whole lot of difference to the milk.


not quite sure exactly the flavor profile im looking for. Just want a nice, sweet milky base and go from there. I need to learn to adapt recipes to my liking. Not as easy as i anticipated when getting into DIY. But i guess this comes with the territory.


That is one of the primary reasons for doing single flavor tests on all your concentrates. It’s time consuming but worth it.


Fa cream fresh and fa meringue, 1:1 maybe? Or a little higher on the meringue…in reality fa meringue is damn near cereal milk on its own lol add a lighter type of cream and your cereal flavors of choice


Wouldnt it be great to have a whole milk tasting vape ??? I rhink it would … For me I like OOO cream milky undertone with a splash of Cap Sweet Cream and FLV Cream but for your stash I could see a combo of

Dairy Milk @ 1.5 to 2pct
Sweet Cream @ .5pct
Meringue @ the 1pct mark

Typically id like to see all of this sitting on a heavy cream or vanilla custard . Another thing about TPA dairy milk is that it gets pretty dry so maybe startimg at 1pct may be smarter … To swerten this up and give it a little more body and flavor try To add Banana Cream at .25 to .5


Why are people acting like oooflavors doesnt make a whole milk flavor and a regular milk flavor everyone just mentions cream milky undertones


I like different Milk Flavors , milky undertones , FA Milk , RFSC Milk , Pur Condensed Milk.

Are the OOO other milks good?


Welcome to ERL @Jolo1 :call_me_hand:
I have the regular Milk flavor from OOO, haven’t tried it yet. Honestly forgot that I had it! Will mix up a tester tomorrow…


Hows the milk testing going ???