MILKMAN too sweet!

Hi! Bought MILKMAN by (One Hit Wonder) but its sweet like hell with only milk flavor (less strawberry)! Its kinda condensed milk type of taste but more more too too sweeeet!
Any advice to cut down sweetness per 10 ml!
I dont want to experiment with whole 180 ml!

Thanks in advance!

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Add some VG to it.

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FA’s bitter wizard might help. VG is pretty sweet as it is, so it might be better to go with a little extra PG. I dunno, they’re both kinda sweet. Could try some lemon juice or distilled water. Or do something like 7ml of juice and 3ml of PG/VG/nic base.

I was just thinking a PG/VG/nic base would be the way to go when I came back here to reply. I have vaped straight VG. It is slightly sweet to me. You could always use it as an additive to another recipe similar to Milkman that isn’t sweet. I have some retail juices I use that way. But I only use them on other juices that are similar in flavor and I start small.

I’d go with bitter wizard because it imparts bitterness. Otherwise IF you feel swanky enough…put a couple drops of Fresh Cream FA in your 10 ml bottle ( this is only cream w/o any other flavor like vanilla) so it should blend fine with the milk. Or better yet have you got any condensed milk FA ? I have a milk man clone recipe I stumbled across I haven’t made it but noticed the posted used 5% of fresh cream (OMG)

good luck

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I was also thinking Saline (salt) is a good way to counteract sweetness. It works in the kitchen anyway.


Saline is tricky thou can be tough on coils and could possibly rust coils out who wants to vape that eh ? Also there’s some talk on it creating noxious gases ( idk but there’s some references out there regarding it ) I mean most ppl are only using 1-2% tops anyhow.

Now Distilled water may not be a bad choice it does dilute to a degree. I typically will thin my juices with 1% while I’m making the recipe so that I can put my vg Max juices in tanks this has had a positive effect for me.
Might be worth a try on a small bottle ( 5-10ml )

Good to know! I have never used saline, but I read that in the the thread on here with all the secrets or tips and tricks of the masters, or whatever it was called. I thought it was odd too, that it said saline used for babies is an ingedient used for making liquids. But I thought “it must work because I read it here” :blush:

To add to this, Titanium, Nickel, and Stainless do not rust. Kanthal will easily because it contains a high iron content. It also contains stainless and aluminum. So I would wonder how it reacts to coils made from the various materials. I sucked at Chemistry.

But there has to be a flavor or two out there that will counteract the sweetness. How about cactus or cucumber? I haven’t used either yet so just pondering.

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Like Amy said, FA Cream Fresh is a great way to rob sweetness from other flavors … Give it a try :smile:
I’ve used it a couple of times on some custard mixes that were way to sweet for me and it worked.


Cactus and cucumber both are semi sweet.
I sucked at chemistry also I like microbiology and human anatomy much better !

Good to know about those that don’t rust !

Fantastic site! First time I asked a question here and so many helpful advises!
Thanks everybody!
Anyway, I mixed 3 drops vinegar (white) with 10 ml and vaping non-stop; that too too sweet is now just sweet and giving extra “wet” while inhale and exhale! And no sour taste anytime!

Now I know (just guessing) what “STEAM” do with their reserve flavors! (Vinegar??)

Thanks again!

Vinegar… I have to laugh at this one because of something I did when I first started vaping. I read somewhere that you can use vinegar to clean your tanks and coils. So I kept a little in one of my dropper bottles. My dumb@$$ was refilling a tank one day with what I thought was a Vapor Chef flavor and when I first hit it I was like… MAN, this stuff got sour! I was a couple pulls into it before I realized what I had done. God awful stuff to vape! Good to know that it works in small doses!

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Added just 3 little drops! Still didnt get sour taste yet! Praying not to …

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Ah white vinegar natures bitter wizard you are a smart man my friend ! Substitution the mother of invention ( lol ) ! Do us a favor and let us know in the next couple days if it changes I’d like to know just curious !

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Me too! Anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

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