Milkshake base

im trying to make blk rashberry milk shake can any one reccamend what to start as base thanks

Try something like:

2% Banana (FA)
0.5% Banana (Ripe) (TPA)
2% Raspberry (FA)
1.5% Vanilla Tahity (FA)
1.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

FA is Flavour Art, not The Flavor Apprentice :wink:

I already added the raspberry in there, but the rest should serve as a base for experimenting with other stuff :smile: You can always try adding more raspberry, if you want it stronger.

EDIT: I got to thinking while watching TV, that the Banana Ripe could perhaps be left out, unless you like the banana flavour strong. Then maybe start with 0.2% and work up :smile:

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I would like to thank you for base
Is there a more creamy base with out banana or per say flavoring. But a milky base?
I want to make blk raspberry milk shake so it’s the creamy base to make and go with blk raspberry flavor … I thank you and will keep as a base like when I make raspberry banana ice cream

try making a milkstone base,
Bavarian cream
vanilla bean ice cream
sweet cream
coconut extra:tpa
malted milk - use this at a very low % malted milk can easily over power…

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