Milkshake bases

Good day all.

What is your opinion on base flavour concentrates?

I watched a video (few years old) where someone shared a recipe for a milkshake base/stone. I also know that some flavour houses seill these base flavours as well. Like for instance, Vape train has a milkshake base concentrate. Would it better/worse or just as good as a base recipe that contains three different ingredients? I’m just looking for a milkshake base/stone/platform to add other flavours like fruits and vanillas/chocolates to.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


@SkinnyboyDre I do a lot of testing, and have tried many/most stones, and all had their own pitfalls. I just tested Capella’s Milkshake and it was spot on.


I’ve heard good things about @WendyVapes Milkshake that can be used as a milkshake base to add onto…


What @SessionDrummer says and yes cap is the best. Most realistic you need to find the right ice cream to go eith for your tastes. Hippy vapes did a good pairing with his

Its a solid vape but i had to swap out the ice cream vanilla because it was like a strawberry custard to me
But the fa milk really helps this shine


Vape train milkshake base will give you more of a malted note to it. I sometimes add it to the cap milkshake for a little more depth


Thanks for the reply @SessionDrummer . I was looking at the options and looking at doing further research depending on the feedback here. I’ll give the CAP version a shot and see.

I am really just looking for a simple base/stone/concentrate to make starting out a little easier. I would love to add flavours like banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, bubblegum etc to them to have a bit of variety, something that tastes good enough as a starter and then later develop my own as I gain more experience.


Thanks for the reply @Psycho_316 . So more along the lines of a Quick (or other brand) -type “home-made” flavoured milk?


So not as easy as taking the milkshake concentrate and adding vanilla bean ice cream and a banana cream or cookies and cream or juicy blueberry, for instance? Remember, I’m just starting out so layering isn’t something I feel confident enough to do yet, but simply have something that’s a good vape while I experiment with adding profiles etc.


I mean you could play with it and find out. Keep the vape train milkshake low cause it can overpower. Start at 1.5% milkshake and at 3% vbic or banana see ehat happens


I quite like the VTA Milkshake, as @Psycho_316 said it is more a malted milk flavour to me opposed to a milkshake per say. I use it low (1% or lower) with creams to add a richness, also works well for me in vanilla custards to add a bit of depth, a malt note, and to smooth them a little.


Thank you. I’ll give it a try and see where all I can fit it in future recipes.


Honestly, if you don’t want to build your own, I’d choose Capella Milkshake. It’s clean and accurate.


Thank you @Lynda_Marie . I’m most definitely going to give it a try. Won’t learn if you don’t ask and experiment, right?


@SkinnyboyDre now that I’m NOT driving, and can type, @Lynda_Marie said it perfectly. Obviously being able to completely construct a milkshake that is tailored directly to YOUR tastes, is always (or should be) the best. That CAN take some time, and a lot of trial and error, the CAP Milkshake is one of the BEST “Milkshakes” I have tested. Clean/accurate (like Lynda said), and without excess malting, or off notes.


:100: correct! No question is stupid! We are am here go help each other…it’s what we do!!