Milkshake (MB) vs Yoghurt

I have Molinberry’s Milkshake and find it to be very creamy and a dense vape, although a little tangy. I am now thinking about getting me some yoghurt, but as I have never had a yoghurt vape and can’t tell how tangy they are supposed to be, my question is: Can I use Milkshake for this purpose (instead of Yoghurt) and get a yoghurt taste?

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To me vaping yogurt flavors is like drinking coffee with sour cream in it. It just sucks no way around it. I think it’s the only flavor to date would take a gun to my head to make me vape. lol

How ya doin @BoyHowdy


Hello @GPC2012 , I am doing good!:grinning:
I kinda like a yogurt flavor in some mixes as it does add a tangy twist but I agree it can get too sour if not careful.
I always used the Flavorah Greek Yogurt until @Beaufort_Batches turned me onto a couple of his mixes.It can add some pop to flavors when used in small percentages.Thanks to him I know use the TFA version as well ,but I use it more for what it does to the other flavors instead of the actual Yogurt flavor on it’s own.