Mint flavor for tobacco?

Hi! I’m looking for a mint flavor for my tobacco recipe. The mint flavor from Black Note - Reggae or Solo.

I’ve tried Menthol (TPA) and Spearmint (FA) but that’s not what i’m looking for. Spearmint (FA) smells and taste like toothpaste for me and menthol is just menthol.

Anybody tried the liquid from Black Note and knows what mint they have used?



According to the website Solo contains;
Turkish small leaf tobacco is sun-cured then overlaid with a menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves. The result is a fresh, crisp, mellow and ultra-smooth experience.

It seems like you will have to make your own. You can try adding fresh mint leaves to PG and leave that long enough for the mint to permeate the PG.
Then you would have to figure out how much to use.

You might find some tips here

Last but not least, welcome to the forum :smile:


Hi Josh, I have used Creme de Menthe TFA in a tobacco recipe and I really like it. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


You might peruse these threads and see what folks say about various peppermint concentrates available. :thinking:

Good luck on your journey. :wink:


N.E.T. sounds interesting :upside_down_face:

I was looking for a mint that doesn’t remind you a gum, thoothpaste or candy. Just the leaf mint.
But i will try the N.E.T. when i found the right mint leaf :grinning:

Thanks for the help!


Peppermint FLV and Mint Medicine Flower are two that’s just FAB and no toothpaste aspect to them IMO. Both are super duper concentrated at 1-2 drop per 30 mls of finished ejuice. I’ve paired both with synth tobacco recipes with very good results.