Minty flavours

Hello everybody,
I have an inquiry re minty flavours;
I know menthol and how it tastes like a bomb at the back of the throat!
Now what is the difference between spearmint, koolida (or is it koolada?) and finally natural mint?
My aim, a fruity flavour with a cool touch, not too sweet (the less sugary the better), not perfumy (I don’t want to feel like I’m vaping herbal essences shampoo!!) and definitely not as cold and harsh as toothpaste.
Do I make sense?
Feel free to correct me if I have any misconception in my inquiry.
Happy vape to you all.


I’m not sure if I am answering correctly here but Inawera’s Cult Cumber is a fantasitc concentrate
Nice and refreshing, cucumber with mint and lemon. It can be vaped as a single flavor and that is exactly how I do vape it.

Keep in mind that I don’t particularly like mint vapes but this one has turned me onto the possibility of enjoying a mint vape.


That’s exactly how I like my vape.
Do you have any tips re cool pineapple, cool mango, cool strawberry maybe cool melon recipes ?


Think of it this way… mint is a flavor, menthol is an experience.


Not helping much but thanks anyway.

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If you want to taste mintiness, you’ll want to use an actual mint flavor. If you just want a cooling element, you’ll want to use a menthol type concentrate.


Definitely useful advice. Cheers :beers:


Cooling effect.


It could I guess, depending on the brand you bought. Personally I haven’t got what you describe unless it was Koolada.

My preference for “menthol” is Inawera’s Mix Mint. (but I’ve always leaned more towards wanting a mint taste, as “menthol” always seemed to me as being two things.

  1. A marketing tool to imply mint taste for cigarette peddlers, that left the door open for them to supplement any mint with additives.
  2. Most “menthol” comes off as artificial to me.

What have you played with… like what flavor manufactures?

I love cool menthol by Flavorah… .12% to .4% depending on how strong you want it.

then you might want to add a cream and your fruit…

Spearmint and Peppermint both are realistic and tasty…


Id say use candy cane FW and any fruit


Natural mint by Inawera and a few others that escape me now, taste more like the garden herb you might get in tea or from putting fresh picked mint leaves in a beverage. Other mints that I’ve enjoyed are…
~ Real Flavors SC Mint and Spearmint both slightly natural leaning toward candy or gum meaning they’re not too herbal or green if that makes sense. They might be out of circulation for now but hopefully coming back soon. If you can find them, scoop them up!
~ Creme De Menthe TPA Smooth, minty, cold, slightly alcoholic but can get dry depending on your equipment and %.
~ Wintergreen TPA Very nice as a candy flavor or adding subtle mint flavor used in low %.
~ Capella’s Peppermint and Spearmint both very nice candy or gum type flavors. I use them in combination.

From what you described

I’ll skip my homemade menthol MI6. I like my eyeballs frozen by bombs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you have Koolada, that’s good at low % for taking the warm out of a flavor that’s mean to be cool but at higher % it can get dry and bitter. Also it doesn’t work well with creams.

I second @Display-Name 's vote for WS-23. It works well with every profile I’ve tried so far without effecting the taste, even chocolate smoothie. You can add 1 drop/10mls (it’s strong!) shake the hell out of it and see how you like it. Add one drop more if it’s not enough. It’s easy to add one drop at a time to adjust but be sure to keep track of how much you add so you can replicate it accurately when you get it where you like.

Finally, a combo of .5% Inawera Cactus and 1-2 % FA Pear adds a cool slippery texture to fruits like a fruit cup. I use it so often I made a base but get the 10ml sizes first just to try it out. This trick does not work well with a cream flavor in the recipe though.

Best of luck! Please post your recipes when you get them settled! :smiley:


Peppermint fa .4 % and mixed mint inawera .8% are both pretty good at giving the mint solutions. Menthol at . 2-.6 adds the cold mint effect. I find sweetness flv to also work alongside ( maybe at .2-.4 ). Can also use ws-23 along. Actually do just this in one of my recipes:
.6 mixed mint, .6 ws-23, .4 sweetness, gives something like a mint cordial, light but nice.