Miss my family... (A brief post from JoJo)

Hey fam. Dunno who all is left from the “old days” or if anyone even knows who I am anymore, bit I wanted to post a quick update to say “Hello” and let you know I’m alive. :wink:

Life has been…weird…to say the least. I’m still vaping (although I did do a brief stint of smoking again…bad JoJo). Nowadays I mostly work and play video games. I mix enough to make juice to vape, but most of my massive flavor collection is unused. I really should toss it, but I can’t seem to bring myself to do that. Pretty sure most of the flavors I have that are in bottles smaller than 60ml aren’t any good at this point. :rofl: Part of me wants to get back into the community and part of me feels like it may be time to just quit…as sad as it is.

I’m currently rocking an Aromimizer v2 on a Geek Vape Aegis and vaping @Beaufort_Batches DIY Strawberry Latte ejuice recipe :: e-Liquid Calculator (e-liquid-recipes.com) (still an all-time favorite - holy shit, vaping a juice for 6 years has to be some sort of record…my first comment was in Sept 2016) if that tells you anything about where I am in my vaping journey. I have no idea what the latest and greatest is for hardware and I haven’t tried making a new recipe in…a year maybe?

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I miss you guys. I wish I had more to contribute these days, but I just…don’t. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the vape life. :heart:


Are you still on the payroll?


Hey @JoJo Not from the old day’s here, started well after your journey actually, but do know who you are from researching past threads and thank you for all you have contributed in the past. Interesting that you are still mixing a 6 year old recipe and enjoying it, I prefer the older style juices too.

Good to hear you are going well and have not gone back to smoking full time. It’s all part of the journey I guess and you have obviously done well. :grin:


@JoJo always great to see you pop in …Happy Holidays :hugs::hugs::hugs:


2015 you mean right??



We’ve never met, but I’ve read many of your past posts. Im new here “2 years +/-” and have found a great circle of folks. I hope you pop in from time to time.



Of COURSE you are @JoJo. Sorry to hear about the slight slip, but that was all it was it appears. Your contributions are missed around here, and posts too. I think you’ve still got great taste as …

Is, was, and will be a show stopper for some time.

Well don’t fret too much, as there’s always a NEW thing coming out, BUT, sometimes, the Old Stuff is the Good stuff.

Honestly, I wish you’d come in and “ramble” more often.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays out to you and yours Jojo.


Wow @Jojo, you have me beat …


Your a pup compared to Jojo lol…i think there are only a couple people who have been here linger than me who are still around…Josephine , Ken O where and TorturedZen




Yes there are people in that list but they arent around.I sure do miss those guys and gals…Lost Marbles , Mistersinner are still around


I come around i guess right after you left ( Jun, 2018)
I think you’ve popped in a time or two, anyway good to have you back, we’ve lost some great people. But we still have a lot of great people still here


Basically doing the same thing… I probably have a couple hundred flavors packed in boxes stuffed in the corner of my basement and they haven’t seen light in years. I only seem to use 6 or 7 flavors (no nic for about 6 months or so).
Nice to re-see ya JoJo… I just lurk… and am sure others do also…


Dayum JoJo! Of course I remember you! I think I came on around 2018 so I guess you left soon after that? I remember reading your posts and the advice you gave, your notes and recipes. And also mixed some. If you have nothing better to do please stick around for some nice fireside chats :smiling_face:


Nice to hear from you again.


Jojo! So nice to hear from you again. Hope you’re settled and happy. Drop by more often, we miss you too.


Worm1 was an old member but he passed away, fun little fact, he took Jojo’s feet pictures to the grave with him, I tried but he wouldn’t give them to me.

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Just stopping by and saying hi is certainly a worthwhile contribution, in my book. Great to see you. Don’t be a stranger!


Nice to “hear” your voice again JoJo! Your posts helped me along when I started my mixing journey, thank you.


Great to see you pop in for a bit. Still missed and still remembered.