Missing funcionallity or my bad?

Hello guys.

i have a problem with some missing functionality @daath . Is something i should do or there are differences in the interface?

I’m missing the option Make flavor base and adapt this on my wrench menu in the recipes.

Kind regards

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You what?! That sounds very strange! Can I get a screenshot? Did you try clearing your cache? Another browser? I’ve never heard about that before! :smile:

Voila @daath http://i.imgur.com/5LjzObG.jpg

browser is chrome the latest version

Ah, you need to save it first :wink:

Great! many thanks:)

This just happened to me on wed! Ok thanks for asking thought that fx was taken down I was making a Cakestone base.

Ah ok, yes, if you adapt a recipe or create a new one - you need to save it. You can only make a flavor base, or adapt a recipe, if it exists in the database :smile: Also, the recipe needs to be public if you want to order it at VapeCrafter :smile:

@daath; not a big deal, but sometimes when I use the reply arrow, when replying to someone’s post, their icon does not always show up in the top right corner of the new post. This actually happens quite a bit for me. So, to make sure they see the post, I feel I must include their name (i.e.@daath) in the new post. Is it something I’m doing wrong or just a bug?

Happens to me too.

I see that I’m replying to Jimk but once the message is posted it doesn’t show Jimk’s Avatar in my reply.


Edit to include screen shot.

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I’m thinking bug.

I noticed that too - Does it only happen using mobile or also on your PC?

EDIT: Posted a bug to Discourse!

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It happens on the PC too.

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I’ve noticed this too. I think it only happens when you’re replying to the post right above your post…?

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It looks like it’s the intended behaviour…

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Makes sense I recon. Thanks for chasing that!

Nice sleuthing as well.

Yep, works as intended.

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I don’t think it makes much sense. IMO if you reply to a specific post, it should always be apparent that that is what you did… Might just be me ;D

I guess it made sense to the developer/programmer. Question is, can it be changed in the programming?

If it’s going to be changed, it will have to be by them - I want to run a “vanilla” installation. That way it’s much easier to update to new versions (and I do that daily!) :smile:

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