Mix nic into ready to vape juice

Hi all
Have a bottle of VAPETASIA - ROYALTY II half finished. It was bought as ready to vape juice. But just wondering if I add some 12mg nic to make a half and half ratio if it will work. Oh also the nic has PV & PG pre mixed in it.
Cheers in advance


I’m not sure about what you’re asking… Guess I don’t understand the question…but Royalty 2 is one of my fav commercial juices that I’ve been trying to clone.


It depends on how much you add. By adding Nic, PG and VG, you’re going to dilute the flavors.


Yes, I used to cut most commercial eliquids in half with pre-mix 6mg base, thats the nic level I was vaping at the time.

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What is the nic level it came with?


There was no nicotine in the ready to vape juice. Nicotine added is 12mg 70:30 PG : VG pre mix.
Thanks for the advise everyone

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It’ll work as fine as you are fine with only 50% flavour strength.

I’m sure Royalty II is mostly Acetyl Pyrazine.

It’s a pretty strongly flavoured juice though so it should work alright… I would just make a point of NOT vaping any of the fil strength juice before dilution - that way you’r taste buds won’t become used to the full flavoured Vapetasia goodness.

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