"Mix Something Up From This" Thread Opened Up For Discussion To Try And Get This Idea Working

I have been asked to trial run an idea I posted last month about running a monthly competition on here for ELR mixers. Due to @Ken_O_Where new mod position and lack of time to run the old Monthly Mix This Thread. That people seemed to enjoy on here.

The idea is to run a friendly competition amongst mixers on here that would mean every participant uses the same ingredients (except one bonus sweetener/enhancer of their choice) to produce a finished mix.

Details as follows

Everyone uses the exact same 5 ingredients Plus a Sweetener of their choice if you feel it needs it) to make a finished mix that everybody could try from the entries . As we are all starting practically from the same point and have the ingredients already.

It would all be ingredients from the first 3 pages of the most popular concentrates on here. Meaning people on here hopefully having most, if not all of the ingredients already and of course it will give more people to sample your recipe, if they have the ingredients already and hopefully show new mixers (and old) how using the same ingredients can produce a different finished flavour, by varying the amounts,

If there is enough interest for it, I certainly would be happy to kick off this months effort with the following suggestion for the concentrates to use.Which would enable participants to get any missing ingredients in and start mixing and steeping, so people can post there results and efforts before the end of April.

Strawberry Ripe (TPA)
HoneyDew Melon (TPA)
Pineapple (Not the Juicy One) (TPA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
Cream Fresh (FA)

I will have to limit it to 10 people as I will be judging the recipes and declaring my favourite and anymore than mixing and sampling 10 recipes would require help from another member on here. The Mods on here are aware of this and back the idea and hopefully if it takes off, the monthly recipe judged the best could be given some prominence on this site?

So basically the only rules are the first 10 people to declare they want to enter on this thread before 31st March will be judged and gives you a week to order any missing ingredients you may have to give you the full month of April to produce your finished juice. But you can still submit your recipe if you are not one of the 10, I just won’t be able to make it up and sample it myself and consider it as an entry.

The 5 ingredients listed above are the list for this months entries, of which at least 4 of them need to be used in the recipe and you can add 1 of these sweeteners/enhancers also to your mix if you so wish.

Capella Super Sweet,
TPA Sweetener.
Ethyl Maltol (10% in PG),
TPA Smooth
Loranns Sweet and Sour .
Stevia (I will be using Stevia REB A 98% in VG) I am in the Uk so Pyure and ready mixed stevia is not really an option for me. So you can still use whatever Stevia you want but I will be substituting it with just REB A unfortunately.

You will have til April 30th to submit your entry . It will need to be posted in the ELR recipe database with a link in this thread for me to click so I can make the recipe from that and steep it for how long you recommend (no more than 2 weeks steeping time though) and a natural steep will be done, no hot baths, crockpots or milk frothers.

Then April the 1st I will make all 10 entries or however many enter, so long as there is enough interest and declare the best tasting one, based on my tastebuds by April 30th.

If it takes off all well and good and can look to continue it over the coming months and hopefully create some interest among the ELR family here, to how we all differ in the way we mix the same flavours to get a finished mix.If it doesn’t then it will die a death, but hopefully it might inspire others to come up with a more manageable idea in the future.

I am open to any further ideas or amendments to the above. But it is just a bit of fun and we need to start somewhere, so nothing to complicated.

I am based in the UK and have checked these two vendors stock all of the concentrates needed

Flavourexpress (Vapables new flavour only website) they also have 20% off all concentrates till Monday with code LAUNCH20 with free delivery over £10

chefsflavours You would have to choose there renamed Flavourart Fresh Cream from the flavourcreative selection

I have checked some popular USA vendors and both these stock them all



oh geez thats a lot to read xD


I have 3 of the 5 you posted and have used them in some very good recipes. The other 2 I tossed because they weren’t good IMO. It’s a tough deal to order flavors for a 1 time use. If I could sub I’d be happy to participate.


Thanks Pro_vapes for the reply. I am happy to change the at least 4 concentrates to 3 if that works.

Would like to keep no subs for a at least the first month. I realise you are a very experienced and accomplished mixer. But hopefully this idea will help new or mixers that struggle to learn, from =mixers like yourself how different people’s mixing ideas and quantities used, who are all using the same ingredients can produce a different finished flavour from them

If they have the five flavours listed they will have however many different recipes entered that month to try for themselves and not have to buy subs to try just 1 particular version iyswim

But also giving the entrants hopefully a liittle higher profile on here, if more people are able to try there recipe and rate it on here

As this is a worldwide forum and flavours that are readily available in your part of the world might not be available in others.

Hope that explanation hasn’t put you off, and you will consider trying it out this month?

I don’t want you to change the rules. I was just saying why I can’t participate. Give it a shot and see how it goes. I’m not that good with 3 flavors anyway. It’s a great idea though and as with most things it may take a few tries to perfect it.


I wouldnt mind givin this a go , i have plenty of the listed options.
Sorry i retract , i only have FW vbic not TPA😟

i cant believe i have NO pineapple of any kind wow , i use to have the TPA but it clouded every juice i put it in :frowning: i think since then i havent tried any others

is this the honeydew they have two versions

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Someone ping me when these are done with RF SC flavors. :laughing:


That’s the one. The other one Honeydew II is the same as that, but withiut the Ethyl Alcohol removed for travel and duty purposes around the world.

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If I have chosen a difficult or unpopular flavour for most mixers on here happy to swap the difficult one for say Sweet Tangerine (Cap) or another popular flavour. As no confirmed entries so far

You need to get the ideas in quickly though if it is going to be up and running by the 1st April.

Don’t really want mass changes if it is going to get going this month. (not looking likely at the moment though, from people willing to enter):slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work this month. I will give it one more go for May and open up discussion on the 5 flavour choices for that month for a couple of weeks beforehand, I realise that may suit other people better, perhaps as there will be a month or so before that one started but wanted to see if it could be got started this month as the idea was only dropped on my lap 72 hours ago to try an resurrect the original idea from a while back.

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hmm…I’d of had a pop at this but I used the last of my SB ripe a few weeks ago and didn’t intend on buying any more and I only use FW VBIC…not sure what cond my TPA pineapple is and I think it may be juicy anyway…I do have Honeydew although I’ve never used it…I do def have cream fresh though!..yay…lmao…we’ll put that down as a fail on my part lol


Fair do’s and I understand peoples reluctance to buy concentrates.

The idea is though if you buy 10ml of each flavour in this months comp, that you don’t already have. You would be able to mix all the other entrants mixes up as well with what you have leftover. So you can see how 10 different people’s mixes differ to how you mix for better or worse. May help some people new to mixing as well, in helping them gain knowledge and questions how a mix can differ even though the same ingredients have been used, and the ability to ask the mixer how they achieved the finished result or any other questions?

it is just meant to be a bit of fun…:slight_smile:


I know it might be a bit more complicated to do but…just as an idea…because we all have such varied flavour stashes, you could do groups of flavours…for example…say we were doing a fruit cream cake, list of 5 fruits, list of 5 cakes, list of 5 creams, list of enhancers/sweeteners and a wild card flavour, pick one from each category. you might get more people able to enter, it’s a great idea over all though I’m all for it :+1:

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I too don’t have all these flavors. Honey Dew, Pineapple, Vanilla Bean, and Strawberry Ripe are all flavors I either will no longer use, or never had to begin with. Also, a lot of the things I make require more than a month steep. So the deadline would be better if it were two months out. So in other words, announce the next month’s challenge a couple weeks sooner.

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whatever it is there is a huge taste difference between them and if a recipe x
calls for one the other imo shouldnt be used because it will no longer be the same recipe the Honeydew 2 was much cheaper in price and taste

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as far as the enhancers im not sure you should be so specific especially with the Lorann sweet and sour
id just make it if you want to add an enhancer a person may only use one of the following

Sour ( any manufacturer )
smooth , mts etc
ethyl maltol 10pct

any way im sure you get what im saying , i like the idea but i dont use sweeteners and if i wanted to add sour it would be tpa and i have no pineapple so im stuck with 4 ingredients to use and since it is a competition in a sense you want to win right :wink:

Ok there seem a lot of ideas to maybe improve on the original idea.

I am going to open this up for general discussion, to try and move it forward, for one final time. So post your ideas and we will see if we can get something concrete for a start date of Easter Sunday 16th April to register your intent to submit a recipe and by May 31st to publish your recipe/entry.

So please if you have some more ideas please post them in this thread, but remember if you want a judging element to it. Then you need to work within a reasonable amount of the same flavours,for me to be able to mix the entries up. I am not willing to work with 50 different flavours for 10 different entries.

If you don’t want a judging element, then ti can be a free for all.


id love to see the enhancers not limited to brand

I think it’s a good idea. I feel the challenge of using the most popular flavors from the first three pages doesn’t match with my mixing.

Most of the flavors from first three pages are cap and tpa. Cap and tpa represents 10% of my flavor stash. I would more than likely need to but 3 or 4 of the flavors to make 5. And sweetener? What’s that, marshmallow FA? Lol.

For example…when I buy a fruit I search and read up on the FA flavors first. If I like what I find I buy it…then I search the best supporting flavor eventually after trying to work with just the FA.

For example…kiwi. Kiwi FA is very good. But oddly FA ended up not being a full complete kiwi I was looking for. It also didn’t steep the way I would like. Since then I picked kiwi double tpa. Why? To add a sliver of a candy note, or other note. Based on user feedback there is an odd flavor about tpa many didn’t like…but I read the comments as just the right thing for FA. Since then I now add kiwi mf.

Thus I would end up never needing cap or FW. (Well I have picked up RF Sc kiwi in hopes that it’s like their SB)

Therefore, rather than the contest I more liked the original mixing monthly concept used. Not that I have been able to participate since I didn’t have rhubarb. However the thread was a good read.