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"Mix this" for November monthly ongoing friendly challenge


Just a side note to reinforce… I’ve not met an MF flavor that doesn’t change personality several times before settling. I’d definitely recommend 4 weeks minimum! I agree, those recipes do look pretty darn tasty!


A new one from DaMomma:


I really need to get that Eggnog (FLV)… I just never have cause I feel I would only use it around this time of the year… how versatile is it? Is it a really distinct eggnog flavor or would it pair well with other flavors throughout the year versus being a holiday only type flavor?


I need to get the whipped cream , ive been stuck on FAs though . Do you think i could sub with the FA or would caps VWC or tpas WC be better ?


I just had a sample of it to use, but loved it. Not too ‘eggy’, but very smooth and DEFINITELY egg nog. I can see using it in a milkshake recipe, or maybe a chocolate cream pie recipe too!!


I like the whipped cream, but it’s more vanilla than others. It doesn’t have the ‘mouth feel’ I expect, so that’s why I added the Vanilla Pudding. It just rounds everything out. LOVE the Vanilla pudding FLV. Gotta get more soon. I use it a lot.


I’d love a true egg nog flavor (minus the alcohol). The TPA I have has the spice part covered but it’s only faintly reminiscent of the noggity happiness I seek. Even the Trusted Ones here have all said they have not found their Noggy Grail yet. Ah, someday…


sounds like caps vanilla whipped cream would be a good replacement


Pumpkin Cream Pie

2% pumpkin pie (CandyFlavor)
1.25% Pumpkin pie (RF SC)
2% Pumpkin pie (Olive Nation)
.25% Pumpkin bread (FLV)
0.75% Bakers touch (LB)
0.5% Pudding base (VT)
1.75% Graham cracker clear (TPA)
0.5% biscuit (JF)
0.75% Pie Crust (NicVape)
1% Whipped cream (FA)
2% Whipped cream (SimplyFlavor)
0.75% Whipped Cream (SC)
2% IceCream (SimplyFlavor)

Total 14.50%

Apologies if you dont have some of these flavors, i like to explore little known brands for keepers. The amount of flavors is not to be fancy this is just how i mix.

Edited. Removed FA apple pie was not working. Removed. TFA pumpkin tasted to raw (uncooked)


I need help on this one. I have plain pumpkin with holiday spice as flavors. How would I make this in % to get the pumpkin spice in this one.

I love anything pumpkin or the like! I’m a newbie so my mixing and the % is scaring me some on this.


Hi @Jenn_72 :raised_hand:
Be cautious of Holiday Spice Concentrate, it is very potent and a little goes a long way.
I would start somewhere between .25%~1.00%
my opinion is .50% is a great starting point.
The Pumpkin would be okay at the percentage in the recipe. If you truly like a more pronounced pumpkin flavor. Then increase 1% in Mix. I hope that is helpful :raised_hand:


It’s january now, let’s get another profile going!!


Whatcha got in mind?


What profile do you select? @Fishaddict420


Hhmmmm…I might not be the best person to pick, I have been working on different cinnamon rolls for the last month and a half lol so that’s what I would pick. It’s cold here in Indiana lol need some spicy vapes


Spiced Apple Cider Cheesecake! And, go!


Sounds good. I have neither country apple or amber. I’ll have to think about this a bit.


A lot going on here, definitely a steeper!


I hope I didnt break format! Not sure if this should be based on a real dessert recipe, but I couldn’t find one that captured my imagination, so I made up the name of the recipe based on January vibes.

If anyone wants to jump in and start over, feel free!

Also, should every month have a new thread?


Sounds like a good challenge!