Mixing 30ml of 100% pg Nicotine 7.2% strength (dyslexic)Thick!

HI guys im having trouble understanding and this forums decent for help if i have 30ml of 100% pg nicotine with a strength of 72% (72mg) if thats right.
and i want to mix my ration to 80/20 vg/pg at 0.6. how much would i use of the vg into the pg nictoine would i need to add.

can i just add extra vg to the pg nicotine mix to get me a different pg/vg mix of nicotine so i can use like a 80/20 vg/pg mix?
or just give up and drink the nicotine (lol)
i kinda get most of it but sometimes the dyslexic me kicks in way the doubts.
any advice appreciated

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I hate math. I love lamp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I always recomend using an ejuice calculator. You may use the calculator on the recpie side of elr or use one like ejuicemeup which is free. For me it’s safety first and a recpie calculator is the easiest way to get the numbers.


Here is the missing link http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/


Are you wanting to add VG to your nicotine to dilute it? Your strengths are a little wonky. I’m guessing you have 72mg nic and you are wanting 6mg? or 60mg? 72mg is 7.2%.

Most people don’t really dilute their base like that. You get a recipe calculator (like the one for ELR) and you use that to let you know how much of each thing to add. Keep in mind any flavor you add will likely be in PG (unless it is said or known otherwise). You get a different bottle and add the amounts of each item that it tells you to in order to get to the desired strength and PG/VG ratio.

For example, using your base with the strengths you mentioned, a 30ml bottle of finished juice at 20/80 PG/VG and 6mg would look something like:


Ingredient ml Grams %
Nicotine juice 72 mg (100% PG) 2.5 2.59 8.33
PG 0.5 0.52 1.67
VG 24 30.27 80
Some Flavor 3 3 10
Totals 30 36.38 100
Strength: 6 mg PG/VG-ratio: 20/80 Flavor total: 3 ml / 3g (10%)

yeah thats great thanks for the info
epspecially the test bit
i understand that.
so no mixing and just cut down on the flavour amounts to get the 80/20 or more flavour and less vg pg mix like 70/30 ok
and yes it was 72 mg of nico

thanks for the info i really really appreciate it
cheers again guys ( n ) Gals