Mixing by weight?

So I’ve decided to mix by weight so that I don’t have to buy syringes. Only problem is I need a way to get the unspouted bottles of flavoring into the small opening of the unicorn bottle. Should I get a funnel or some pipettes? The whole point of me mixing by weight was so I don’t have to buy all this stuff.

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Pipettes… I bought 500 for $15 back in February and I’ve only used a couple dozen of them.

Awesome idea! Thanks man

You could also rebottle the flavors or see if you can find dropper tops for them. I don’t have many that aren’t already in squeeze bottles, so I just use a pipette. I’ve got a bunch that I was sent with flavor orders and I’ll rinse and reuse them a few times and then toss them. If I had a bunch that I used on a regular basis I’d probably rebottle those cuz pipetting is a hassle.

What bout for the unspouted bottle of Vg nic?

Just recently got some of these cute little things:

Perfect for 30 and 50 ml plastic squeeze bottles that I got from them whether mixing or pouring juice into them from a larger bottle.


I don’t use nicotine but a pipette should work for that too… Or use a dropper.

I keep my 120ml of working nicotine in one of these - https://www.glassbottleoutlet.com/product/120-ml-4-oz-clear-bottle-with-black-twist-cap-pet-20400

then i just ziploc it when done mixing, put it in a black plastic party store shopping bag, stand it up in a small carboard box and stow it in my supplies cabinet so it’s completely dark

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I use one of these I got to transfer from glass bottles to plastic. very handy, and washes clean with hot tap water.

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