Mixing flavor with Nicotine Base

hi is anyone mix the pg with flavor first and wait for 3-5 days and add the nbase later? or do you mix all content together?


Honestly…never. Since I have mixed for the last 3-4 years for my self I have not needed seen a need to. I just add flavors, vg, of, nic base, and everything goes to the steep drawer to sit 4-6 weeks.

Never have I ever, lol, left a cap off to off gas…I believe the “ volitiles” are part of the flavor component.

I have tried the crock pot steep and found not benefit when compared to time screwing around.

Have I used a mag mixer. No, but that’s because I mix at small scales. 12-25 15ml and 30 ml bottle at a time.


thank you very much. ill do what you do


I keep my nic base mixed up and just add flavors to it. I can’t think of any benefit to pre-mixing flavors and pg outside of diluting a very strong concentrate to make it easier to work with. YMMV


thank y:pray:ou


@dento34 Same as the others here, I’ve never done that. Pretty old school, I don’t use heat or emulsify, just well shaken, then steep. One thing I DO do with repeat large batches of identical recipes, is seed the new batch. This involves taking a small amount of well steeped mix, and seeding the new fresh mix with it. I only do this for identical mixes obviously. Beyond that, no tricks here.


I make my own pre-mix base (pg/vg/nic) and just add flavors to it, just like @Letitia.
For the mixes that I often make, I also pre-mix the flavors (making one-shots). It helps a lot reducing the steeping time. You will still need to let it steep the final result for a while just like you do with single flavors, but the total time is noticeably reduced.