Mixing flavors from different manufacturers


If I want mix a recipe bat have to use A flavor from another manufacturer, how could I calculate the % ?

For instance the recipe says Apple FA and I got Apple from Capella. Should I check the notes on the particulars flavors and adjust the mixing % for the flavor which is the substitute?


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Sounds to me like your on the right track! Unless you have used the called for concentrate in the recipe you may end up with a slightly different taste than what was intended.
Try posting the recipe here and others may suggest better details for substitutions!


“Should I check the notes on the particulars flavors and adjust the mixing % for the flavor which is the substitute?”
Yes, that is the way to approach substituting a different flavor concentrate in a recipe.
Is the Concentrate new to you?
If so I recommend trying a single flavor mix first.
The value will be far reaching, each flavoring we use has its own subtle nuances. Your taste may differ from the folks who have left flavornotes.


Thank you.

I want to mix this one: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2016491?

  1. This recipe uses Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA). But I have only Super Sweet from Capella. I just red in another topic here, one member suggested in this case to use 50% of Super sweet since it is double sweet as the TPA version.

  2. This might be a problem: The recipe also contains Brown Sugar. I don’t have it. But I got funnel cake. Somewhere I red it can be used as an substitute. But now, when I think about, I’m not so sure about…

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I substitute all the time out of necessity; I’m sure many do as well. Keep in mind though (obviously, I know) that any change at all is a different recipe and will have a different result than the author intended. This is where @Mark_Turner is going with his comment… know the profile of the concentrate you are subbing in so you can get an idea of whether or not you think it may work with the other concentrates. Bear in mind that unless you make the original recipe 100% as written, you really won’t know what it actually tasted like. But you could come up with something you like a lot that’s at least based off it. That’s what Adapting is for. Good luck!!!


The other thing is: THis recipe: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/361461?

It uses Double Apple CAP. But I got Fuji Apple from FlavorArt.

Thank you guys. Very helpful and informative.

Edit: I just red this: So maybe a small percentage of cookie butter (fw) and sucralose will work, thanks man.

I got Golden Butter by Capella and…Super Sweet.

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I have both fuji FA and double apple Cap and I would sub 2% fuji.


This may help you. I use the concept but dont do it as mathematical as he demonstrates.


If you happen to have Cotton Candy(TPA), you can sub that for other sweeteners. Marshmallow will work in a pinch as well(TPA, FA, FLV are the ones I’ve used) at lower percentages. It imparts a sweet note with a little thicker “feel” which plays well in a lot of fruity juices.

If I’m missing a particular flavor from a manufacturer, but have the same flavor from another(In your example Fuji(FA) for Double Apple(CAP)) I do this: If I haven’t done a stand-alone flavor test for the flavor I want to sub into a recipe, then I take a look at the notes others have written. Based off of their findings(true to flavor profile, overly sweet, etc, etc) I’ll get the median percentage used in a mix and half that amount to use in the recipe I’m trying to adapt. I’ve found that most of the notes tend to rely on heavier percentages than what I’m used to, so I tend to be a bit more conservative in my adaptation.

Hopefully this is a little clearer than mud…Cheers!


I use only RF SC’s and I adapt recipes constantly subbing every (usually all) non-RF ingredient for a similar RF ingredient at it’s recommended recipe/mixing percent. It obv doesn’t taste the same as what the creator intended but 99% of the time it tastes great to me.