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Mixing for a Friend, High Nic, MTL, Low Wattage, need advice!


I might have to let this one go.

My friend Vapes with an older-style starter eGo like the Nautilus on a little VW pen battery. Same set-up she started with 3 yrs ago.
She’s at 18mg, 50/50

I made a Grape recipe for her and, of course, couldn’t really test it without choking myself on nicotine, and she said it tasted like cough syrup! Total failure!! Haha!

I tried the recipe at my settings while hers was steeping and it was delicious. 2mg, 15/85 on an Avocado RDTA, .3ohm, 65 watts. Tasty Grapes!

I figure I should add sweetener since it’s a vape shop house blend I’m trying to replace. But, that is a ton of nicotine, and I feel like it’s high enough to where I’d have to test it with that much nic in it because the flavor will be quite different without it. I would also need to test it on a similar device to hers, which I don’t own.

She’s in no danger if going back to smokes, I just wanted to try to save her some money and practice mixing for other people to get feedback in the process.

What would you do?


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Have you thought about getting some nic salts?

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I haven’t! I’ve read a few threads, maybe not too thoroughly. What’s the benefit here?


It makes the nic way less harsh, @SessionDrummer and a few others are trying it.


Cheap enough to give it a shot.

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Thanks, man! I’ll look into it further. I could see that being my new thing. Any downside, other than eliminating a possibly desirable throat hit?


Of course, you could always mix it as a base in smaller test batches and have her add her own nic, or simply try to see if it’ll be acceptable. It may actually be a good recipe and will always taste good to you, but she just doesn’t like it. At least she isn’t going to use it as an excuse to hop on the analog train.


From what I understand it has a strange tickle behind your nose.

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I wouldn’t blame the nic. What tastes great to you may taste like cough syrup. You may need to try a different grape.

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Actually, you probably did mix it as a small batch. Sorry, my mind doesn’t always keep up with making sense. I just pictured you presenting her with a 100ml bottle and went from there.


I don’t think she’s going to get into any diy kind of action. Totally happy with her current situation. I just want to learn to mix for someone with a totally different set-up and style. I may be too inexperienced for this, but it’s a good way to gain experience. My only risk is not making a good flavor happen. I actually want to run my 36mg nic supply down so I can buy a better type.


Oh, no, im not blaming the nic! Just that its so high, i cant test it thoroughly without getting a crazy nicotine buzz. So, I’m flying blind. I’m leaning toward the lack of sweetener as a primary culprit. 3 years of retail juice, she’s probably accustomed to a much sweeter vape. And, of course, it could be my choice of flavor brands, subjectivity of taste, all of that. I know our local shop isn’t using RF, NF or MF. I’ve asked.


Haha! Yes, it was a 15ml test!


I’d bet added sweetener would make it taste more like a cough drop. Chances are it’s a different grape than you have. Could you stand to test hers out yourself and try to pick out the notes? As in, is she asking you to clone something she already knows?

Remember, you could combine a few other fruits and “call” it a grape flavor. A lot of times, the mind can be tricked easily and you may hit on a winner that’s only grape in name…

Why am I saying all this? My advice is rubbish.


I actually offered to try to mix for her. She’s kind of a willing test subject for me. I only asked what her favorite flavor is and she said grape. Not the best way to go about it, I know! Sadly, I know I might not succeed. But I’m going to keep trying. I don’t buy any of the standard brands . No CAP, FW, TPA, etc. I don’t use PG based concentrates at all. I know the shop uses mostly common brands.


That’s on my business cards too.


You can just develop your juice with 0 nic and test flavor that way. Nicotine may change the flavor a bit but the overall profile will remain largely the same.

DL or MTL is going to give you a different vaping/flavor experience, just like a tank with prebuilt coils is going to give a different experience to an RDA. I’m no expert in the field but I’m interested in an MTL setup, have watched quite a few reviews and that’s what I pick up from it…
Developing juices specifically for a MTL setup, without the hardware, is kinda like designing a boat in a desert or a car without roads. Get yourself an MTL RTA or something. The end of 2017 has given us a bit of a choice again. It’s not that expensive and I’m sure you can recuperate your costs while still saving your friend a lot of the costs from buying commercial juice.


I mix for a couple of MTL Nautilus users with high nic a couple of things that may or maynot help you out.

  1. As mentioned Nic salts
  2. I mix at 70vg for them and add 1.5% distilled water so that it can wick (most of my mixes are 80 vg).
  3. I use the same recipes as I do for everyone else.

I can test an 18mg mix with nic salts but it is not super pleasant at high wattage so I dial back the wattage and up the ohms when doing so.

I think nic salts will have a big impact for you if you decide to go down that road.