Mixing in grams and the liquid i measure out doesn't fill the bottle!


I’m starting to mix my own liquids but I’m having a problem with measuring.

I have 200g scales that measure from 0.01 but for some reason the measurements aren’t right, i have followed recipes for 10ml which is approx 12g. When I reach the total for each ingredient I tare the scales so i can measure accurately but for some reason the liquid in the bottle when i have finished isn’t even past the half way point on the bottle!

is there anything I’m doing wrong or any other methods i can try?

Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome!
Can you make the recipe public and post it here and I see you are making a 10ml batch, I assume the bottle is 10ml?

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Good Question. I am going to follow this thread as well. I am always a little short with my concoctions as well. Not to the point of missing half a batch however. I use this:

I know I loose a little in mixing and pouring into the final bottle, but it seems like I’m still coming up a tad short.

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Put a bottle on your scales and weigh out 10g of water that will show you where 10 ml will come to in your bottle - i have 50ml bottles that hold 65 ml and 100ml bottles that hold nearly 120 ml - I would just check how much the bottle holds.


I made my own recipe using the calculator just using one concentrate.

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Looks right. What size bottle did you put it in to? Link to bottles that you purchased if possible.

I used the 10ml bottles from vape mate, they fit 10ml exact

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Jessica, everything looks right. Did your scales come with calibration weights?

Do what Woftam suggested and see what the results are.


Your recipe is showing drops instead of grams, you can change that at the recipe site under preferences.
Maybe that’s what’s wrong.


Excellent catch!


I’m wide awake today and considering it’s a monday… :grinning:


Thank you! I will give that a try

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I have it set at grams already

That’s not what your recipe says.

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Just tried the test weighing water as measured by a syringe. The difference was .5ml/mg for 60ml total. That’s .8%. I would consider that quite accurate and probably more a function of the syringe and needle than the scale. Looks pretty close to the yield I got from a batch.

Now it does :grinning:

Yes definitely make sure your scale is calibrated correctly. That can make a HUGE difference. If it didn’t come with weights you can use nickels ( the newer the better). 20 Nickels = 100g


i was viewing mine in grams already because those were the measurements i was using

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I calibrated my scales and now its measuring correctly! thank you


Yay! :tada: