Mixing saltnic base liquid with a 0mg off the shelf juice

I’m looking to get the most for my money while I get set up to homebrew my own juice. I’m thinking of buying a couple 60 ml bottle of 0 mg twist ejuice and adding some salt nic to it. The salt nic bottles are half the size of their freebase bottles for the same price. A 60 ml bottle of 35 or 50 mg saltnic is $15.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work, but Im unsure of how much of a 60 ml bottle of 50/50 pg/vg, 50 mg saltnic base to add to a 60 ml bottle of 0 mg nic to get around 10 mg of nic.

I’m currently vaping 3mg twist flavors in a geekvape alpha tank. I have a geekvape boost in the mail to get a good mtl vape. I’m attempting to utilize less juice in the process maybe I can get a double whamy and optimize the amount of juice AND use less via the aeiges boost mod.

I know this is a lot, but I’ve never vaped salt nics or attempted to mix something like this. I am sure the math is easy, I just don’t know the formulas yet. My current calculations for 50 mg bottle of base is (50 mg/ml X 14 ml = 700 mg), 700 mg/(14 ml saltnic + 60 ml 0mg flavored ejuice) = 9.46 mg/ml flavored salt nic juice. Is this calculation correct?

I don’t think this will affect the flavor profile much if at all since the flavors are strong already and will ot affect how it vapes in a pod system like the boost?


Do you have a bottle of 0mg juice or a shortfill?
If it’s simply 0mg juice, you’ll want to use as little nic base as possible because you’re going to dilute your juice… so the higher the nic base strength, the better. Your calculation method is right but if you use 15ml you end up at exactly 10mg/ml. It also means that your flavor total will be reduced by 20%.

If it’s a shortfill, it usually mentions how much juice is in the bottle and how much it makes. Our shortfills usually have 1/6th of the liquid missing to allow for a nic booster. This means a 60ml bottle will only be filled for 50ml or a 120ml contains 100ml (so an 18mg/ml booster will result in a 3mg/ml end result).


I don’t have either right now. My idea was to use a bottle of 0mg and dilute it with 50 mg/ml nicsalts so I didn’t dilute it too much. 10 mg/ml was just an arbitrary number I chose because I think that would be enough nicotine to help curb my chain vaping, while allowing my theoretical 75 ml of juice to still have decent flavor. Considering the small bottles of the same flavor in salt nic is half the size of a bottle of freebase nic at the same price. I’m just tired of running out of juice and hearing about how I’m ordering too much juice or vaping too much.


If you don’t have either, try and buy a shortfill instead. It’ll be easier to manage your VG/PG ratio and nic strength without affecting the flavor of your juice.
If you only have access to 0mg juice, buy as high a strength of nic base as possible.


Ok, so I looked up short fills, and all the sites are UK. Is this option only in Europe or can short fills be bought “locally” here in the U.S? I had no idea that was a thing but that would make life much easier.


That kind of makes sense because there’s the TPD in Europe which prevents sale of nicotine containing e-liquids of more than 10ml, which you don’t have in the US…
If you can’t find any locally, I’d try to get my hands on 250mg/ml nic salts or at least 100mg/ml which shouldn’t be too hard to come by. That way you’d only have to minimally reduce flavor strength of a 0mg/ml e-liquid.


Sounds good, do you have any recommendations for brand as far as flavor is concerned? I’m still waiting for my new mod and juice to arrive, tracking says it should be today. I have only ever vaped freebase nicotine and I am concerned the flavors will be way off or taste bad.


I’ve heard several people say Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers (LNW) is the place to be but there are others like River Co. I’m used to the EU market so I don’t know that many but you can find plenty recommendations if you use the search function.