Mixing Teaches Patience

You know what’s messed up? You can buy a dozen or score or so of flavours for very little monies, which is nice and all, but even if you only count single flavours on their own. . . I vape maybe a tank a day. So I have to wait long time to get to those flavours. And I wasn’t sensible enough to buy a whole bunch of bottles so I really only have three mixes on hand at a time and I have to get thru them to move on.

This is nice, really really nice in a lot of ways – but the thing is, that niceness comes like a year into having this stuff on hand, when the patience has had time to settle in and become a nice little hobby you do. When your first shipment just arrived 3 or 5 dyas ago, it’s like waiting for Christmas XD. “I have to try all the things!”

I had the same experience with cigars, pipe tobacco, dohka, and expensive beers. Video games got so out of control I kinda just gave up on them, and books I read so fucking fast it really doesn’t matter what order I read them in, I always end up re-reading lots of stuff just because I ran out of free stuff and then ran out of money :P.

But Vaping, that’s been long enough it feels new. I started with a rose/hibiscus/green tea, a chai latte I think was a pretty surprising success, and turned a store-bought spiced-peach thing down from 16mg (dear god the pain in a Cloud Beast King. . .I really needn’t have bought this stupid thing, the Big Baby Beast was in the Goldilocks zone XD) and tossed in some musk (just a pinch) and cherry blossom.

All very yummy – but I’m antsy to try others, like the chai coffee, or the green tea espresso that might not be good but dammit I wanna find out, and the Green Goblin that if it really tastes like the energy drink I assume its supposed to be I won’t be tinkering with at all (decadent vapour had one – but dunno if TFA hit the mark, they missed Parma Violet a bit with Musk, but they seem to have been aiming for a different candy so meh)

Patience. . … Why must all good things come only in time? Life is too damn short man.


I am highly interested in this mix. If you would not mind sharing :slight_smile: For some reason Chai flavor profile Eliquids elude me. I have just about every single conceivable concentrate for Chai. Yet can not mix anything that is worthy of more than a taste test.


I would say mixing “forces” patience with making liquid but teaching a person to be patient? I’m pretty sure with me when everyone was lining up to get their patience genetics I drove across town to another place because the line was too long.


I’m stubborn, so patience is not a trait I have properly (maybe some people are both, but stubbornness seems directly why I don’t have patience), but I can learn it in context of things I love. By and large those are books, history and anything tobacco.

And MArk – I’m not 100% satisfied with it yet, but TFA’s Chai is a very good base – pick your favourite milk/creme and the all-important cinnamon and yer good to go. Flavor West has a milk that works for me, you might try TFA vanilla creme if vanilla is an essential part of chai tea for you, I just didn’t have a vanilla something on hand, Then TFA’s got Cinnamon spice – got them all off nicotine river myself.

You might want to start with 4 parts chai to 3 parts milk and 1 part cinnamon. I like that well enough – adjust as necessary (and at least 15% total I’d say, chai should be a very, very strong flavor for me). And again, most people people prefer to keep the vanilla in there, myself included, I just didn’t have it.

If you’ve tried that or something quite similar – either you’re just pickier than I am, or you’re not using enough flavour. Either way – I’m about tapped man, sorry.

Builds character too!!!