Mixing The Brew

Anyone here care to share what type of spinning motion is best when brewing?

My guess would be that a circular spinning motion is the best one.


Actually the most effective motion won’t be spinning but tumbling - spinning will cause the elements within the liquid to separate rather than combine.

So you think a vortexer would be a poor idea then?

I have been given the impression a vortex spin will cause the liquid to ariate which apparently is not good. Any truth to this??

Coffee whisk on a drewel. Make that juice white with air to speed up things

I have the paint mixer from amazon its like 8$ after I use it I put the bottle in my usc for 3min cycle and all air is gone in the steep droor it goes works great never had my nic get harsh

I always puke when I spin around too fast (God, I am so sorry - I could not stop myself)


Now you don’t have to spin anymore as it’s more effective to tumble :+1: Better for your stomach.

OK, I will try it but if I break something I’m blaming you.:laughing:

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You can blame @BathVaper

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OK, I will then.

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I have broad shoulders… :smile_cat:

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I’ve not looked into vortexers to be honest but I’d imagine any spinning motion will force the heavier (or more correctly, the more dense) elements within a juice away from the lighter / less dense ones.

I saw a video years ago (maybe by Five Pawns) showing off their weird three-axis “agitator” that - fairly slowly - “tumbled” the liquid around in a sealed drum for days on end and (to my thinking, at least) that might be quite an effective method of getting the different densities to combine.

But everything we do is essentially experimental and the results subjective, so what’s ‘right’ is whatever works for you.


You are in the clear, I haven’t broken anything yet.

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