Mixing two "ready" ejuices... 0nic and 6mg

Ok so finally i found something locally i can use.

a 30mil banana flavored 6mg nicotine
and a 10mil irish cream 0mg nicotine.

now i am in a delima obviously cause i like both but i prefer them together.

if i vape the 30mil banana with 6mg i feel a little harshness in it on my throat.
obviously the 0nic Irish cream one is without harshness and is pleasant and tastes good.

i want the harshness to kinda calm down.

can i just dump the two together? will that work? will that 0nic help cool it down? and get me a taste of both?

i’d rather not waste them just for the sake of trying. i’d rather ask the pros here :slight_smile:

please advise me.

If you have an extra bottle, you could try putting 3ml of the banana and 1ml of the Irish Cream together. Sounds like it’d be good to me.

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You can always try it. It may take the harshness down, but you may not like the reaulting flavor.

If possible, trying mixing a little bit of the Irish cream in tank with with banana. The only problem is that you don’t have much of the Irish cream to play with…so you only got one shot.

You would probably be better off buying some of the banana without nic to add to the bottle.

Experimentation like you describe is how I got into DIY in the first place. I didn’t have syringes or spare bottles or anything, just did 60 drops of X in the tank with 20 drops of Y, closed it up and swirled it around, and gradually it got more complicated when I started ordering flavorings and PG/VG. For the longest time I didn’t even need nic, as I was using old bottles of 18mg juice as my nic base! Not ideal, but it works!

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