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Mixing with both DAAP & Butyric Acid flavours


Personally, I do not worry about DAAP flavours but for those of us that do you should perhaps have a read.

I came across an interesting article about the mixing of DAAP containing flavours and flavours that contain Butyric Acid. Take away is - if you are concerned about DAAP you should never mix the two.


I remeber this article … Amy2 showed me this awhile ago .


You might also mention that Butyric Acid is most commonly found in the DX (TFA) and v2 (Cap) flavors. Though not limited to those two by any means.

Thanks to the panic crowd… Many previously wonderful D/A/AP flavors have been converted to using BA as the ‘peace-maker’.


@Sprkslfly is that the same as Butanoic Acid ?? I’m a heavy user of TPA Sweet Cream, and use DX Sweet Cream interchangeably.

DX Sweet Cream:

Sweet Cream:



Yes same thing see Synonyms section



Well shit @woftam looks like ALL TPA’s Sweet Creams are …


Anyone have the MSDS on CAP Sweet Cream ?


“Trade Secret” doesn’t inform very much …


Ya I don’t really stress about it too much. I just posted more for information of those that do.


In addition, some “fun” light reading here:

Molecular Formula: C4H8O2 or CH3CH2CH2COOH
(Sorry, my phone keyboard doesn’t ‘do’ subscripts)

Oh, and I really think some will enjoy this trivia tidbit:

So, the next time someone tells you to ES&D… You can thank them for wishing you a cancer-free colon! :crazy_face: :laughing: