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Mixing with Nic Salts


After reading a ton of stuff, here is my question. Using the same 100mg/ml Salt and 100mg/ml free base Nicotine. If I want a 10mg nicotine level but a hit like 6mg, do I use 6mg free base and 4mg Smooth Nicotine Salt? The descriptions of “Smooth” salt is clear but the “signature” or “hit” is not.
Thanks for all the helpful info this site provides!


Nicotine hit is much like flavor, subjective to the individual. It makes sense that your formula of 6,4 would be a great place to start, try a small unflavored base with that combo and let us know.

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I know i have seen this discussed recently and even with thoughts of a ratio. That is something you would have to fiddle w/ for your preference. The hit salts fall somewhere in the middle between smooth and free and I know @Nicotine_River commented about that. I’d search the forums, especially ones that they provided feedback on but gl to u!

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Returning the favor @worm1. Maybe we need some consolidated corner for this Nic salts discussion. It’s getting too dispersed and hard to collate for Members.

I think what @Nicotine_River said on the subject (as you referred above) should be key information to understand when considering Nic salts. It is a wider discussion …like mixing Salts and Freebase, so there is lots to share and consider …but from the guy who sells the stuff …?

“For example, with Nicotine Salts you can vape a 36mg with minimal or no trace of Nicotine burn at all! You still will receive a strong Nicotine head rush but without that harsh taste and alteration of the flavoring. Our Nicotine Salts are only to be vaped between 10-40watts and used at 20-45mg.”


a job for my worst enemy

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Thanks for the response I just received an order from you guys of freebase nic and nic salt and both are PurNic. I thought you weren’t using nicSelect any longer? Anyway I’ll do some more searching, about to mix up some salt to see how it does. I don’t want to put any extra work on anyone, this forum/site is very helpful as is.