Mixing with pre-mixed 80VG/20PG with no nic

So my starter kit arrived in the mail today. I got 1L of an 80/20 vg/pg base, 100mg nic (in pg), some TFA flavours also in pg (cappuccino, coconut, blueberry extra, mango, and strawberries & cream), and a bunch of various sized bottles.

The reason I got the premixed base (nic is not premixed, just the vg/pg) was because I’ve been mainly vaping 70/30 juices, so I didn’t want to have a bunch of leftover pg…even though I’m sure it would have gotten used down the road. As my first attempt at DIY, I wanted to keep it simple but I may have made it trickier.

With the premix, I’m having a hard time figuring out what my final ratio would be after adding the other ingredients. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some guidance since I can’t seem to get it figured out on the calculator.

This is what I’m looking to make first:
5x10ml bottles (one for each flavour)
3mg nic strength
5% flavour
80/20 vg/pg mix

With these factors, what would my final ratio be?
(Sorry, math was never my strong suit)


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When you go to put in your recipe click the Max VG box. Thus the amount of VG displayed is your 80/20 mix. Your PG will show 0. Once you add your flavor at the bottom of the recipe will show you total flavor percentage. So take your flavor percentage and add it to 20. Your nic is already accounted for. 3% nic brings your ratio to 97/3. If you use 10% flavor and add 20 for your PG you are at 67/33…

Close to your 70/30 mark


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That was a perfect explanation and I totally get it now. Thanks very much !

Now I’m gonna mix up 10ml single flavour batches to see how strong each of them are then go from there.

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Good luck on your DIY journey.


One more quick question I just came across.

Since I’m using the max vg option in the calculator, and plan to mix by weight, I assume the weight given to me will be incorrect as vg and pg weights are different.

In this test recipe Mango test it says I should use 11.61g of vg. Doing a bit of quick math, I come up with this.

9.2ml of premix @ 11.61g
80/20 ratio = 7.36ml vg (9.27g) and 1.84ml pg (1.91g)

For a total of 11.18g of my 80/20 vg/pg mix

Does this look right?

It will be 72/28 VG/PG

your ratio will be like 60/40 as far i can calc…

you will need 3% from your nic
5% flavour is calculated as pg as far you don’t use any VG flavors…
add plus 20 of the PG this goes at 28% PG so you’re close at margin of 70/30 indeed you are at 72/28…

just keep in mind that the best way to mix is using VG and PG seperately… a recipe here now needs 5% flavor, the other one needs 10%, and there are others that go even up to to 20- 25% (very rarely but…) this could drastically change the ratio of PG/VG… with 15% flavor you will go like 62/38 ratio… etc…