Mjag's 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3 TC Box MOD Review

Just a note, if you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.

I was sent this by Heaven Gifts for the purpose of this review: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/ETALIENS-ET-X3-MOD.html


  • Size: 100.5 x 78.2 x 36.6mm
  • Battery: 26650/18650(continuous discharge current ≥ 30A)
  • Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Mode: WV/SS-TC/Ni-TC/Ti-TC
  • Temperature Control: 200-600°F(100℃-315℃)
  • Output Range: 7-100W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-5ohm (power mode), 0.1-1ohm (TC mode)

What’s in the box

You get the mod of course, a rubber 18650 adapter, 1 Meter long mesh covered USB cable with ETALIENS on one end, Users Guide and rubber sleeve that is already installed. The Users guide does not tell you much, just gives you some specs and a bunch of warnings.

Build Quality

I received the Gun Metal first and right out off the box I was impressed. With the sleeve on there is no button rattle but with it off there is a good amount of button rattle, mostly from the up and down buttons.

The finish is phenomenal, looks to be electroplated, I even hit the bottom a few times to see if I could chip it and nothing. I then decided to drop it onto the concrete at 4 feet to see if it would chip, all I got was this small scratch:

The battery cap is smooth and easy to get on compared to my Hcigar VT75, just have to back the threads till they catch but never had any problems.

The 510 looks to be of nice quality, appears to be a brass center pin with stainless steel threading and decent amount of travel. All my tanks sat nice and flush and I had no connection problems. I did open up to check and it is held on with a nut so no press fit nonsense here.

You are limited to 26mm tanks, any bigger and you will need to use a 510 adapter to raise it up over the back lip.

Buttons are nice and clicky but on the Gunmetal I could get the fire button to stick every so often, never happened in normal use with the Matte Black but if you press and push down you can get it to stick.

How is it to use on a daily basis?

The Gunmetal was the one I was using at first and was to be the one I based my review on. Within the first day I felt something was off, battery life was horrible and I kept getting “Too Hot” warnings. I do recall the outer packaging when I received the Gunmetal to be pretty beat up but the box inside looked OK. I did have an extra Matte black one so I opened one up to compare and that one is working fine, not having the same problems as the Gunmetal so I will just chalk up the gunmetal to have gotten damaged in shipping with how the outer packaging looked to be roughed up.

If you didn’t know this is with there new proprietary 100W chip, they are no longer using the DNA75 and I believe that is no longer available. The new chip is pretty basic, only Kanthal (Power Mode), Ti, Ni and SS316 TC modes. 3 clicks to get into the menu, 5 clicks to lock and unlock the mod. Press and hold the up and down buttons to flip the screen and that’s it. No TCR mode which would be nice to have.

With a fresh iJoy 26650 I was able to hit what felt like 100 watts with a 0.25 ohm build compared to my DNA167 and SXmini G Class. The display will actually tell you what power it is providing and goes down as the battery drains. When I used a fresh Basen 26650 the display read 93 watts and went down the more puffs I took, you definitely want to use the iJoy if your looking to run at higher wattages. I did try a single Sony VTC5A with it as well and was able to get 100 watts when fresh of the charger. With a older Samsung 30Q it limited me to about 75 to 83 watts with it set to 100 watts.

If you are vaping at 100 watts I can get too hot messages if I am chain vaping especially with lower ohm coils. This is not the mod you want to use with a high powered tank like the TFV8 or 12. I would not use any single 26650 mod with those tanks anyway, wrong tool for the job IMO.

If you are switching tanks I found that it is best to remove the prior tank, fire it so you get the " No Atomizer" warning and it clears the previous ohms. Allow 20 seconds for the screen to shut off then install the next atty and press the fire button. This was the best way to get an accurate reading on the ohms, if you attach the atty when the screen is on it will usually read it high. An example is when I was comparing the ohms of various tanks to my 521 tab and Think Vape Finder DNA167 to the ET Alien. on a 0.51 ohm coil that both devices read the same the ET Alien would read it at 0.56 but if I cleared the ohms and let the screen timeout then it read 0.53. The higher the ohms the more off it was, a 0.82 coil read 0.86 but it was really close with lower coils. 0.17 read the same on all devices and 0.26 read as 0.27 on the ET Alien.

Overall in power mode I was happy with the performance compared to my other single 26650 mods. A preheat would be nice but it fired pretty quick so no real complaints there.

So how is the SS316 TC?

Overall I have been pretty happy with it in SS316 TC, it just runs a little hot depending on the build and is a little inconsistent. With a dual SS316L Clapton build in my Smoant Battlestar RTA it is about 20f too hot compared to my Think Vape Finder DNA167 and SXmini G Class. I get a nice smooth vape from it and can vape the tank dry at 410f with no burnt hits. With my Pharoah RTA and it’s big single coil 4mm ID Triple Core Fused Clapton ohming out at .44 I have to drop the temp to 390f to avoid a burnt hit. It does read higher ohm coils a little off though so that might be why it is inconsistent with the Pharoah’s 0.44 build, it read it at 0.46 and sometimes 0.48.

I would say the TC is pretty close to other mods in it’s price range like the Smoant Battlestar and Charon, Laisimo SnowWolf Plus to name a few. As we all know there are a lot of terrible TC devices out there but this is not one of them and I used it in TC 85% of the time.

One odd quirk is if you are in SS316 TC mode and change the battery when the mod comes back on it will be in Ti TC mode, happened every time I changed the battery. It is noticeable when you take your first draw since the TCR value of Ti is a lot higher compared to SS316.

To change the temp you need to click the fire button 3 times, select the temp mode you are using again and then it will give you the temp to adjust. Once you hit the fire button it goes back to just allowing you to adjust the power.

Battery Life

I have been pleased with the battery life compared to my other 26650 mods. If I keep it around 50 to 65 watts I can get most of the day out of it. I measured the battery volts after getting the weak battery warning and it was 3.4V on the nose.

Comparison Pics to other Mods

Alien Vs Alien

Pros and Cons


  • Well built and flawless finish
  • Comes with rubber sleeve that looks cool
  • Hits quick and power feels accurate
  • Proper 510 with stainless steel threading, brass pin and secured with nut from under
  • Smooth and consistent SS316 TC, just a little hot
  • Battery Life
  • 18650 and 26650 compatible
  • Smooth threads on the battery door
  • You can scare the shit out of Sigourney Weaver with it


  • No TCR

  • When in SS316 TC mode will revert to Ti TC mode after battery change

  • Can be finicky to get ohms right

  • Limited to 26mm or under tanks due to the hump on back

  • Can’t turn off the mod, only lock it with 5 clicks

  • Firing button can stick if pushed down the right way, never happened in normal use with the Matte Black but does happened with my damaged Gunmetal.

  • Button rattle but that subjective, I don’t use my mods as maracas anyway and in normal use it is fine and they feel solid


Overall I am pretty happy with this mod. I think it looks really cool, well built with options to use a 26650 or 18650 and very good TC performance as long as you account for the temp being a little on the hot side. Not planning on taking it around town a lot as I am not the biggest Scifi fan but that is just about looks, performance is definitely worthy to take with me.

If you like the looks you will really like the performance compared to other 26650 mods. It does have it’s quirks but there not deal breakers for me, I listed all the quirks I ran into to help you decide.

I want to thank Heaven Gifts for sending me this and you can find it at there site here: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/ETALIENS-ET-X3-MOD.html

Make sure and check out the blue one too, a friend of mine has the DNA75 version and it is crazy good looking.

Here are some additional pics, this mod photographs well


Nice review, I like the look of this mod although in the 5th picture from below it kinda looks like a dildo. I hadn’t seen it from that angle before :sunglasses:


Now that you mentioned it. That particular photo does indeed look like a ribbed dildo :point_up:


since the whatnots are notnot still i have to say



LOL…Now that you mention it yeah, looked less dildo-ish before I cropped the pic to get a closer shot of the 510. Oh well, female Aliens need some extra love too.

Edit: I went ahead and tightened up the crop for a less dildo-ish look…lol


That’s hilarious it does look like a dildo from that angle lol! Good review tho! I too will be reviewing mine! But you pretty much covered it!



Great review! :+1:


Lol, thanks Lolly


@mjag a most thorough and excellent write-up man!! Very pleased with the attention to detail and thoughts shared! Especially when noticing peculiarities about the issue reading impedance, and also your shared observations about “right tool for the job” (which is easily overlooked or sometimes forgotten by the casual reader!)

VERY well done!


Love the review but when I look at it images of scifi, steampunk, and cosplay run through my head. This old man would feel out of his element sporting that.


Thanks man, I really appreciate the kind words.

I just hope I can help out like so many have helped me over the years, feels good.


Hahaha, yeah, it is definitely not for everyone but sure is a conversation starter.


I definitely see it as conversation piece for sure. I have one concern about paraphernalia like this though. Let me temper the forthcoming comment with I am no marketing genius, I have picked the B side of every record forever. I do wonder about the wisdom here. To me, that mod seems to be marketed to the very young to include the underage. Is this feeding the enemy with ammunition? Most of the antis have decided that “save the children” packaging is their best option to enact what they want. I could definitely see pulling that out of my grandson’s toy box.


I understand your point and there are a lot of different ways to look at it. This mod was inspired by the movie Alien which was rated R for mature adults only. I could see a child being attracted to it though just like a child would want to see the movie and that is up to the parents to decide. With my son I have explained that these are not toys and he is not to touch them. I also understand how I was at that age so I keep them locked up to remove temptation.

I believe in taking personal responsibility, I wish others did as well so they would be more aware of there actions. If I was to leave this out and having never explained what this is to my son and he were to take it and do something stupid what would be the difference if I did the same thing like when I smoked and left out a lighter?

I honestly feel it is too easy for others to blame other people instead of pointing the finger at themselves nowadays. I also personally do not feel this is marketed to children, that is my personal opinion though, I am sure others feel differently and that is there prerogative.


I am 100% with you on parenting and taking personal responsibility. Maybe if more would have and would, there would be less government intervention. Regardless, the government can’t regulate to the effective degree of people taking personal responsibility. It should be a blinding glimpse of the blatantly obvious that there are many things the government can not regulate although they keep trying. I take personal responsibility and I want personal authority. If it weren’t for the impending “nanny state” regarding vaping I would care less if they marketed to rattle snakes. I will make no predictions on how the “masses” perceive this marketing. In a nutshell, I am vary guarded of my ability to vape.


Nice one man you covered everything imaginable! Also props on popping the hood and showing the 510 quality that was good to cover. I always get worried when pulling mods apart cause I might not get them back together just right lol


Practice on stuff that’s broken, you can’t break it more!


Very well said and I respect your opinion of how masses may perceive it, it is something the vape industry definitely needs to be keep in mind.

Looks like with the FDA deadline being pushed back to 2022 they are beginning to understand how important vaping is and how it is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Looks like we are now headed in the right direction, at least that’s what we all hope for.


I’m hoping and praying for a more supportive approach also.


Thanks man.

It did help that the first one with the tattered shipping box was damaged, that was the one I took apart…lol. It was easy to take apart and I wanted to also see if I could get a DNA75 board in there but after removing all the screws I wasn’t able to figure out how to remove the board. Might try again but the mod actually works, just at lower watts, still need to figure out what to do with it but performance is way off compared to the second one.