Mod for TC

I’m starting to play with TC, the smok procolor doesn’t behave well, I think … Without taking out the atomizer, he wants to constantly change resistance … I think he’s wrong …
The other one I have, voopoo drag 2, works better for me …
And my question for those who like TC, what mod do you recommend?
At the moment I use SS316L clapton 26ga + 30ga, 6 laps. I put it at 200 ° C, do I do well?
Thanks in advanced


Anything with a DNA board with work as intended, but it’ll cost ya many a shekel


Yes, I have read that, and also yihi chip, … But TC users, what brand and model do they use? Lost vape don’t have those DNA anymore, I think …


For a mere $800 in fresh Bitcoin, Joel might (possibly, graciously) promise not to upload his DNA firmware.


I have been using Smoant Charon Mini in “TCR” mode with no problems. Be sure to accurately set you pre-heat Wattage to match you coil for best performance.

Same performance, setup and options with the Smoant Cylon but the plastic the top screws into broke so I’ve been using the Charon Mini which has turned out to be reliable and durable.

I also “TCR” with the Vaporesso Armour Pro. It works well. The only complaint is that it seems to output much higher than the temperature setting. 380F on Armour Pro is same as 480F in Smoants. Vaporesso kit is quite well built.


I would like to add that both Smoant and Vaporesso use their own chip. I will also add my disclaimer; I have never used a DNA chipped mod so I cannot compare. Many, many people will only use DNA and I’m darn sure curious as to what the hype is all about. I watch videos and read reviews and it seems like accuracy of readings and settings vs. that of calibrated measuring equipment is very important to many. For me I just care that I get consistent and repeatable results of a good vape experience. I do care however that if a manufacturer provides a function or mode it has to work.

That being said, both the Smoant and Vaporesso devices work better in a tweaked, TCR mode than the dedicated, pre-set Stainless steel mode. I say tweaked because the optimum TCR value for a give wire type may vary from that of the well established DNA setting. I just watched and read several reviews to see what they recommend and used that as my starting point. That same values remain unchanged since I decided to stay with their recommended values.

Also not that many users seem to be turned off by the manufacturers delivered settings. For example my Smoant was set to MAX pre-heat Wattage right out of the box. It was quite a shock on the first button press. :fire: :firecracker: :fire_extinguisher:


Paranormal and Triad from Lost Vape are still available. Look around. They shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Ditto with the eLeaf Pico 25 (TCR for SS 316L as 88, or perhaps 91). Locking the resistance value (if/when of stable value) with room-temperature coil is a critical offset adjustment. The Pico 25 seems to only hard-limit (as opposed to linearly regulate) temp. It is not clear to me whether any mods linearly regulate temps (or something short of simply de-energizing coil-drive completely when a set temp threshold is reached) ?

Heh heh. Been doing some reading (here and elsewhere). It looks like my Pico 25 sports a notably “less prestigious” Joyetech chip-set - but the price ~$30 USD was surely right, and temperature-limiting circuitry seems, well, “limiting”. Restricting coil power (and upping Nicotine levels) seems to be my NET preference. At ~6.0 Watts, my Rayon wicks (washed in warm water daily) last several days with minimal discolorations.


From my limited experience with Voopoo, it’s pretty OK with TC. It won’t be able to compete with a DNA or Yihi in pure quality but it should do the job.
I’d just play around with it to see how you like it, get used to it and if you really want to switch to it, spend a few extra $'s on a good DNA mod. Black Fridays are always a good time to buy if you can wait until then and don’t want to spend too much on them.
If you don’t mind walking around with spare batteries and don’t vape too high wattage normally, a DNA75C (usually single battery mod) is pretty decent and affordable. For more power or battery life, have a look at the DNA250C (2 or 3 battery mods).

There’s no right or wrong. If you like it, continue with those settings. If not, play around a bit. I’m using 2x26g / 40g fused claptons, 0.14ohm, 65W / 240°C… but that’s just preference.


Eleaf and wismec + one other brand are compatible with arctic fox. There are a few companies using DNA chips, just do a Google or yt search and see what appeals to you.


That’s the main reason I switched to a DNA. It kept jumping settings on low ohm coils like his Smok does. Arctic Fox firmware has helped but I’m still cursing it every now and then… actually I’m much happier with Voopoo than Wismec for TC. It was an RX 2/3 (2016), I guess they’ve gotten better at it by now.


As already stated the DNA boards are gonna give the best TC but not necessarily out of the box, depends on how they were setup via escribe. The C versions like the DNA75C and 250C are my favorites but the DNA200 and 250 are good as well, just not as easy to use as the C versions and lack Replay mode. Was never a fan of the DNA75, less efficient so you will go through batteries quick. The DNA75C has the same problem of efficiency but the ease of use on the board makes up for that. If you do get a DNA then let me know and I can send my custom theme that includes a great SS316L profile I got from DJLSB vapes.

Smoant has some good TC on some of there mods, the best being the Cylon. I haven’t tried all the Smoant mods but a good amount do a decent job in TC.

Yihi chips are not all created equal when it comes to TC, the best is the G Class with the SX550J chip, excellent TC. So far the SX650J chip on the new X Class has been excellent as well. When you use those mods then try something like the Vsticking mod with a Yihi chip you can tell the difference, the Vsticking is good but not on the same level. The Vboy is good but I haven’t used it much, seems to be better than the Vsticking though. Even the Sxmini SL which I do enjoy is lacking in TC with the SX450J chip, not as good as it’s big brothers.

There are some mods that do a decent job with TC, the Snowwolf touchscreen version was one I remember surprising me with good TC. There was so many versions on the Snowwolf I would have a hard time telling you which on though. The problem with some of these mods is they change based on the weather around you. A really hot or cold day will effect your TC, they don’t compensate like a DNA or some Yihi chips will.

Arctic fox does help with some wismec, joyetech and eleaf mods but it can’t help if there is a hardware problem. I had 2 Joyetech Espion mods, the first did great TC, really surprised me. The second did horrible TC and Arctic Fox did help but it wasn’t the same as the first. The only thing I can think of is a hardware problem, possibly a bad ground or a shoddy soldering connection.

Not sure if you can find them anymore but the Hohmtech mods like the G2 and Slice do excellent TC.

If you really want good TC then don’t waste your money on other mods, just get a DNA250C and you will save money in the long run.


That’s precisely what the DNA boards do. YiHi does as well, it’s just more of a preference of the user. If you want “plug & play” go for a YiHi. If you like being able tweak damn near everything the mod does and displays(not necessary for a great vape, but some people want ALL OF THE CONTROL) Then the DNA board is what’s in order. I have owned both and they both have their quirks, but one thing is sure- they are accurate and solid devices. I’m currently using a GTRS VBOY 200(basically a toned down version of the G Class by YiHi) and it’s solid as a rock in both TC and power mode. You can find them out on the web, it just a bit of a search.

  1. What about the DNA makes it:
    • better than ANT
    • worth the high cost compared to the ANT

Just the ability to tweak it to your desired vape. You also have control over the batteries you use and can run a mod analyzer to improve TC even more.

The C versions add a lot more, the inclusion of Replay mode is the biggest. Also adds more control without having to plug into escribe. All around the C versions are much better in a lot of ways, they did a great job.

The DNA250C mods can be found for under $100 which is a chunk of change but worth it if you like to tinker and tweak your vape settings. I always felt the original DNA200 and 250 were overkill for power mode users and in a lot of ways inferior in that application. The 200 and 250 lacked any boost settings for power mode, only available in TC modes. This has since changed with the International version of Escribe, you can now add boosts for power modes. It is still harder to control that boost with the 200/250 versions than it is with the C versions.

I was always more of a fan of the G Class than my DNA250 mods, was good to go out of the box. That has changed with the DNA250C, it is now my favorite chip but it still needs a good SS316L profile to perform it’s best IMO.

I just took out my Cylon to give it a go and forgot the standard SS setting is off, would have to look back at my review but I am guessing they are running the TCR hot on the Cylon in SS? Switched to the TCR mode and that is better.

I still love the Cylon, great mod but I would not take it over my G Class of DNA250C mods. Those are my baselines for TC and they are consistent which is what is important to me. They should be baselines based on how much they cost and well worth the money IMO. I just wish Yihi used better paint on the G Class, mine still looks new but I baby that sucker, have friends with G’s that look like they have been through a war.


Thanks @mjag

One more bug on the Charon Mini, not sure if it applies to all ANT chipped mods but if you run in TCR and then change batteries it resets to Ni . That is my one daily operational complaint. Maybe there is supposed to be a backup battery to save the setting when changing batteries? I think the Cylon does not suffer the same problem and I know it has a button type backup cell on the main board.


Never used a Yahoo or Yihi, so can’t comment there. But I’ve used many TC mods including several DNAs. I’m no DNA snob (well, not anymore :wink: ) but I will say of all the TC mods I’ve used, nothing even comes close to the DNA. Yihi might, and I’ve heard great things, just never tried one. As for DNA, if all is right with the settings and build, narry a dry hit can be found and vape consistency is top shelf.