Mod wraps..what is this is?

as i was searching for a silicone sleeve for my cherry bomber v2 and my asolo 200w box mod, i came across wraps from
i dont know a thing about these things…can anyone help? what are they? how thick are they? do they protect? anybody? i trust this forum and the family within, so i’m asking you guys…
as always, thanks for your wisdom…

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This is my eleaf 100w and my TFV4…I just bought the wraps for mine from and I get them for all of my devices. They do protect, they are of a fair thickness for a sticker. They are made out of vinyl. I have dropped mine before and have only gotten a little ding in the wrap, whereas, if I hadn’t had it I know it would have been a huge scratch or worse on my mod. I personally love them as it lets you personalize your mods and tanks! There are a multitude of different designs and I am sure you can find one you like :grinning:

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The wraps I bought looked very good when they were new. After 3 months of heavy use they warped and stretched. They aren’t long range protection so order more than 1 set.


silicone sleeves or wraps? which do you prefer? which will hold out better? do wraps offer any grip?

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The wraps are nice and attractive but they don’t hold up for the long haul. If you don’t mind rewrapping in a few months then I say get 'em.

Silicone will probably last longer, but they to will need replacing in time.

Whatever route you go, get more than one set.

I don’t use any mod protection anymore.

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silicone sleeves are very comfortable for me, but they’re a pain in your pocket because they don’t slide so easy. I have wraps on my mvp’s and I love those - good grip and they slide in and out of the pocket. The other negative I’ve had with sleeves is if you get a leak it will gather in the sleeve and may force it’s way into the mod. I had to take my istick apart in order to clean it out after that happened and made the fire button stick.

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Jwraps are awesome !

The wraps are really tuff and last for a long time. People at jwraps are awesome, Alon is so nice and easy to work with, they even do custom wraps. They also do mod stands and stuff like that, here is a couple of pics of what I got from them.