Modding Little Bitty RBA's

So I was watching some videos today just to pass the time. I came across this one and it gave me an idea.

Yeah, I’ve raved about my Delta II until I’m sure everyone’s like STFU already! I did a rebuild on the RBA section yesterday using 22ga Ti. Wow what an improvement. But I kept finding that I would get weak draws a lot and it was obvious that wicking wasn’t keeping up with the coil. It would be too dry, temp control would kick in, and there you go. So while watching the video showing the RBA deck on that tank, I thought why not? So I drilled 2 - 1/8th inch holes in the thing and rewicked. You guessed it…cooking with gas now.

I can be kind of impetuous and so in my excitement I was too hasty with the drill. I got the holes a little off as they should be right above the wicking channels on each side. But it was an experiment anyway which I’ll say made a major difference. Now that fat coil can crank out the vapor as the wick is keeping up rather well. I plan to do this with my Kanger Subtank Mini RBA next week. This time I’ll be more precise. Will pop in here with the results of that one.


Nice - but what about leakage?
I was thinking of drilling at the base of the tube right above the juice channels thinking it would increase the juice flow but haven’t had the courage to do it…yet.

No need to worry about leakage if you wick properly. Watch the video I posted starting at 13:49. You’ll wick just like that. I don’t know why Kanger didn’t do this with their first Subtank RBA but I suppose the issues had to be discovered first…hence the slot and screw mechanism for securing the body to the base rather than the threaded one. So here’s the deal. To do this “correctly” you would first screw the body down snugly - like it would be for a finished build. Then mark off the spot just above the juice channels and base threads so that your drilled hole would be above those threads. I was very haphazard with mine because I didn’t’ care that much. On my Subtank RBA I will be much more precise. So once you have the holes drilled, build your coil, then put your cotton in and leave and inch or so tails on your wick. Thread both tails through the body and screw down. Then tuck the wick down to cover the juice channels and the newly drilled holes. That’s it…easy peasy.

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Cool frijoles. I’ll give it shot. Thanks!