Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod review by Mjag...Lost Vape quality?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of the Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod which was sent to me by the fine folks at


  • Temperature Limit: 2-600F/100- 300°C
  • 1.3” Full Colour Screen
  • Output power: 7Watts – 200Watts
  • Max charging current: 1A
  • Max output current: 39A
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.4-8.4V
  • Body material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Stainless steel 510 atomizer connector
  • Anodized Aluminum Faceplate
  • Spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin


  • Lyra200W Device
  • Charging Cable
  • Lyra Gift Box
  • Lyra User Manual

5 color options: Amber-Silver, Amber-Black, Black-Silver, Black-Black, Black-Red

Getting to know the Lyra

Modefined is the sister company of Lost Vape, makers of fine DNA mods which a lot of people are fans of, myself included. The Lyra is there newest offering, coming on the heels of the Sirius and Prism.

I got the Amber-Black version and the body is said to be Ultem, looks like Ultem to me so I will go with that. The top plate is metal with a Stainless Steel 510 plate and Nickel plated Brass center pin, confirmed that when I took it apart to check out the 510:

Impressed with the 510, has a nice firm spring to it and makes a great connection with every tank I tried but the Stainless Plate is just a touch higher which makes 28mm tanks have a slight gap:

The mod has the smallest dimension at 30.7mm but the top plate is 28mm on the nose, 30mm tanks will have 1mm overhang for all us OCD types. The 510 plate is 24mm in diameter so 24mm tanks look just fine.

So do 25mm tanks.

4 buttons on the faceplate, fire, up/down and mode. All the buttons are nice and clicky and navigating the menu is easy but a bit tough to see when you want to make a change. For a large 1.3” full color screen they waste a lot of space on the large speedometer and the fonts can be real small, what is worse is they turn to red when selected to make a change.

Doesn’t look bad in that pic as it is zoomed in but out in the sunlight and it being so small it can be tough to read when it goes from white to red. I am hoping they come out with a firmware update to make the fonts bigger and not red, it’s a waste of so much screen space.

The battery door is a big improvement over the Sirius, locking tab with a nice spring to it and easy to use.

On the front faceplate there is a…not sure what it is but it feels nice with a texture to it that is pleasant. Starts with the mode button and ends at the top of the USB and I feel adds to the overall look of the mod.

The Lyra definitely feels solid aside from the Ultem body, yeah, it feels plastic but aside from that no rattles and really put together well. The looks are subjective, I am sure some will love or hate it, I am not blown away by the looks but don’t hate it either. If it was a little wider to accommodate 30mm tanks I would like it a lot more, the G Class and Smoant Cylon are just about right for me.

I do not read or view reviews of products I am working on but did run across a thread about the sparking issue Jai Haze had with the Lyra on his pre-production version. I did test this myself with the final release version I have and did get a spark when touching the 510 pin and threads with a metal tweezers. It was small though and the mod still functioned perfectly after doing it 3 or 4 times. Modefined did post a video about it and Jai Haze seems satisfied, you can find the video here:

Power Performance

You only have 2 options, Power and Bypass which will give you a mech style vape based on the available power in the batteries. I don’t generally use the bypass function, I have mechs for that so didn’t test it. Power seemed fine, in fact a little hot when comparing to a DNA mod set to 200 watts. I was able to get a dry hit with the same TFV12 tank quicker with the Lyra than the DNA250C mod. I don’t know if Anthony Vapes or DJLSB have tested the output of the Lyra but it definitely seemed to run a little hot for me full out. I wish VapinWally (SmilingOgre on the forums) was my neighbor, I would have him tested it out for me, the man knows his stuff too.
Overall the power mode performance was good and it hits right away, no lag. No preheat options but it wasn’t something I missed since it sparked up the coil so quickly.

TC Performance

With most simple SS316L builds the TC was enjoyable, some a little hot by 10 to 20F but overall not bad. I did have a build using dual SS316L triple core fused claptons using 3x30g core with a 38g wrap that I use a lot but the Lyra fired it HOT, 50 to 60F hot. I had to go into the TCR mode and lower it to 085 until I finally got good results. That build works perfectly on my DNA and Yihi mods, same tank and all so that was odd.
There is a limit on the power in TC mode, 100 watts max. There is an auto function for TC mode but that seems to set it too low for my tastes. The 100 watt limit sucks, not going to be running my huge SS Alien build on this mod, that likes power and doesn’t make sense to limit it to only 100 watts, big con in my book.

For the most part the Lyra read ohms close, 0.01 low at most with lower ohm builds below 0.50. Higher ohms in the 0.50 to 0.80 range didn’t fare as well, sometimes at much as 0.05 off. This can have an effect on TC so keep that in mind.

If you are into simple spaced SS builds then the TC can be very good if you tinker a bit. It was smooth and prevented dry hits for the most part, sometimes you had to lower the temp but not with every build. The Lyra would not be a mod I would recommend for TC due to the inconsistencies I ran into but if you like to tinker you can get it to work well.

Battery Life and Charging

One thing I kept on noticing was how frequently I had to change batteries. I tend to vape at higher wattages from time to time but even lower it just felt like I was going through batteries quicker than normal. Resetting the puff counter I installed a fresh set of Sony VTC5A’s and began vaping at 80 watts with a Ehpro Billow X and a 0.14 ohm build. I timed the length of my draws and averaged them out to about 3.5 seconds each. I got 169 puffs before I got the change batteries warning and could not take another puff. That pretty much equals 10 minutes of vapetime, not the worst but not great. Checking the batteries voltage after I measured 3.43V each. I also checked the volts after using a tank all day at around 45 watts and came up with 3.4 and 3.49V. This does give me flashbacks to the Smoant Battlestar, love that mod but feels like you are going through batteries quick.

Now I’m going to bring up up charging which I don’t recommend on mods, better to use an external charger. I only bring it up though as the Lyra lacks pass-through charging, if it is plugged in then no vape for you. That did bug me as when I had it on the road the batteries would not last the whole day. It is only 1 amp charging too boot, cmon, no pass through at least give me 2 amp. Went through nic withdrawals when I didn’t bring another mod or extra batteries with me. I almost resorted to dripping juice on my tongue…well ok, maybe I did…don’t judge.


  • Good power performance
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Great battery door
  • Solid 510
  • Nice and clicky buttons
  • Holds up to 28mm tanks with no overhang
  • Overall solid build


  • Battery life is a little lacking
  • 100 watt limit in TC
  • No pass through charging
  • Some of the text is so small it is really hard to see
  • TC can be finicky
  • 1 amp charging

Final Thoughts

I am a critical bastard but I would take the Modefined Lyra over a Smok mod everyday of the week. The build quality would be my main reason for doing so, it is a solid mod. Sure I wish it was a little wider to accommodate a 30mm tank. I am hoping they issue a firmware update to make the screen fonts easier to see, a waste of such a big screen IMO. The lack of pass through charging is a big con for those with long commutes, they lost a sale for sure with a friend of mine who commutes an hour each way.

If it was my only mod I could deal with the cons, I enjoy using it. It is a comfortable mod to hold, what I like best about it. You will just have to make up your own mind if this mod is right for you and I hope I have provided enough info so you can make an informed decision.

Thanks to for providing the Modefined Lyra for review. They do have an active coupon: lyra10 which lowers the price to $47.79 but ends on May 30, 2018 so act quick. You can find that deal here:

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Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I just got to testing the Billow X and so far so good but it has only been a few days. I plan on comparing it to some other dual coil tanks that are favorites with the same build and juice. I am going to try and move the billow up on my review que but that will still probably be a few weeks. If your a billow fan I don’t think you will be disappointed though.


I’ve got two Billow 2’s(One is now a parts donor), two of the V2.5’s and I’m about to order my third V2.5(one has a seized juice flow control so it will be a parts donor soon…) I just love the damn things. I’ve bought and used some damn nice RTA’s but I always come back to my Billows! I look forward to your thoughts on the X-By the time you get the review out maybe the price will have dropped a little(Not implying that you’re slow, just that I’m a cheap SOB!) Cheers!


We are both in the same club, I like to be frugal as well!

Wish I had some Billow 2 and 2.5 to compare it too, I only have a V2 Nano which I have yet to use, was a $5 bargain bin I picked up.

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I didn’t care for the Nano kit(Bought one from TBD Liquids when they were doing a clearance). It didn’t really add to the overall experience of the vape. The V2 is a great restricted DL/open MTL atomizer, but the deck is absolutely one of the smallest I’ve ever built on(The Zephyrus V1 is even smaller), but that’s where it’s magic lies: Small deck means small chamber, and a small chamber is GREAT for blasting the taste buds off of your tongue! Simple builds are all that are needed-my go-to for the V2 is 26 gauge spaced coils(2.5 mm I.D.; 7 wrap) Easy to wrap, easy to mount and adjust and is gentle on the battery, since anything over 40 watts is overkill on a build like that. The V2.5 got a little larger deck, juice flow control and top-fill. The V2.5 is everything Billow lovers were hoping for with the V3 but never got.


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