Modern mesh subohm tanks for beginners

Despite the naysayers on subohms, I really like the freemax mesh pro. I am not good at building coils and wasted too much time with pre-built coils. I used the triple coils and buy them on sale. Much happier using this set up then fiddling with coils and cotton.


Hey cool, I will have to give that a shot one day :+1:

@scifoc I gave a Freemax Mesh Pro to a friend while I took his Aromamizer Plus in to see why it was leaking, turned out he bent the top on the AP so I was able to bend it back to stop the loss of air via the top cap.

He wound up loving the Mesh Pro so much he bought a second for his wife and a bunch of the dual mesh coils. He has the AP back but told me he is going to use the Mesh Pro for now, he and his wife love it.


The Freemax Fireluke 2 tank is wonderful and the TX series coils give plenty of options. I like the TNX2 coils which ohm at 0.5 ohms but they have some that ohm at 0.1 and also some kanthal and at least one that’s stainless for use with TC if that’s his thing.


Yeah, it’s dead all the time lol


In the 40-60W range there’s nothing better than Uwells Nunchaku tanks. The mesh coils are just fantastic. There’s the original and a version 2. I prefer the original but both are great. The coils are what sets them apart from all the rest. I’ve tried lots of the bigger name mid range tanks, and none out perform the Nunchakus.

The original comes with two different coils. They’re both clapton wire coils. Those ate nice but the mesh coils are better, and last longer. I use the .2Ω UN2 Mesh coils for my tanks right at 50W. They’re rated up to 60W but 50 is about where I like them.

I’d suggest a Fireluke 2 as a runner up but the top fill part of that tank is horrible. It slides open if the wind blows. When that happens it dumps out all of its liquid. Mine leaked out in my pocket and in my bag one too many times. I haven’t used it since. Freemax makes great coils though. The Fireluke Mesh tank has a screw on/off cap which is much better. Both can use the same coils.