Modern mesh subohm tanks for beginners

So I have been using rda’s and rta’s for the last two years at least, I know mesh coil subohm tanks exist and that they have great flavor, but which one would be good for a beginner??

I have a buddy that tries my vapes every now and then and has finally decided to quit smoking, he can handle coils up to about 60 watts or so, are there any tanks that have lower wattage coils like this? Other things of importance to me would be coils that have a good qc behind them, a tank that is easy to fill and easy to disassemble to clean, and it has to not leak if you put it in your pocket.

If you use disposable coil tanks please give me some input, this friend is the last smoker in the group and I really want him to finally quit!! I’m giving him a mod and I’ll make his juice, the only area my knowledge is weak is what atty to get him, he isn’t interested in building coils right now so I’m lost lol.


I’m still new to mesh, or I’d offer some help. Can’t offer what I don’t have, but I’ll watch this thread.


I tried the mesh and for me, it was not worth the hype.
I still stand by hand done coils and fluffy cotton… it just keeps me satisfied!


I agree, except I prefer rayon lol mesh prefab coils are better than most regular prefabs though, I’ve tried my brother in laws several times and the flavor is fantastic for a stock tank, but the mesh he uses runs like 70-90 watts so that probably won’t work for my friend, and he definitely doesn’t want to build for now


the other issue you want to consider is… cost.

I learned to wrap coils, I want to say after the second dripper ever came out, the tobh… I think???
and I was taught thru a 1-on-1 vid chat. wrapping coils and stuffing cotton is really not that big of a deal…
in fact if it was I, I would teach him how to do his own… Prebuilts are like expensive and that defeats the point in really doing it your own.

Just my thoughts, Fish… I know you are aiming to help him out. :slight_smile:


I think @Mjag might be able to offer some insight.

For some reason “Freemax” sticks out in my memory (from reading his reviews), but there’ve been quite a few revisions and variations over the last few years IIRC. So I haven’t been able to keep up with which is which.

Kudos for trying to help him out, and for trying to keep within his criteria! While we know that it’s cheaper to build your own… Sometimes it’s more important to get them started on the right path, and let them “graduate” on their own. :wink:
This certainly sounds like one of those times to me as well. chuckles


When I first started the cig to vape switch, the sub-ohm tank was a little much. I couldn’t get used to the bombastic amount of vapor the sub-ohm produced and I kept having to do gentle inhales. I tried the Nautinlus and felt I came home because the flavor was good and the production of vapor was similar to a cigarette. Of course, I now use nothing but sub-ohms and my absolute favorite, hands-down is the Profile unity with OFRF 316 SS mesh. I wasn’t a fan of the the mesh at first because I didn’t know how to wick it properly but since then, I can’t put it down. I would suggest asking your friend if he wants the sub-ohm experience or wants to mimic a cig. If it’s the latter, try a good MTL tank. Unfortunately, I don’t have one to recommend other than the Nautilus but I’m sure there are many out there. You can run the Nautilus at very low wattage and there have been upgrades to their ready-made coils. I’m sure you can get a ton of other recommendations from the MTL crowd. Good luck and pat yourself on the back for helping him.


I would consider a tank taking the TFV8 coils as a general starting point.
Tanks which have a good flavor are
Geekvape Zerberus
Smok TFV12 Baby Prince
Vaporesso NRG

Vaporesso GT Mesh
Geekvape Supermesh
Smok Mesh

I have the 0.3 ohm GV supermesh, which are recommended for 30-45 Watt as my preferred mesh.


60 watts…hmmmm. @Sprkslfly was right, the Freemax Mesh Pro is a tank I still buy coils for, the dual and triple only, whichever I can get the best deal on. The only other subohm tank I still buy coils for is the Geekvape Zeus subohm, the 0.20 ohm coil is really tasty but comes alive at 80 watts for me.

For 60 watts I would probably go with the Freemax Fireluke M, was called Fireluke Mesh before if I remember correctly. They did come out with the Fireluke 2 that uses the new TX series coils, love the new coils, not the new tank as it has a slide top that can open in your pocket. Come to think of it the Mesh Pro also has a slide top, I hate slide tops but the Mesh Pro has never opened accidentally on me but I never put a tank in my pocket.

If you can find an original Freemax Fireluke Mesh than that might be the way to go. Has a traditional screw off top and takes the new TX coils. The TX1 and TX2 are both really good and nice at 60 watts.

I am vaping the Geekvape Zeus subohm tank right now at 60 watts and it is good. For me it really got great at 80+ watts, was vaping it at 95 watts and the flavor was excellent until I forgot it was empty and …poof, smoked the coil. I am supposed to review the Zeus Subohm and Aegis X but just haven’t had the time. Spoiler alert, love the Zeus subohm with the .20 ohm coil, not so much the .40 coil. I like it so much I bought a pack of coils that cost me $20 to make sure the .20 ohm coil was really that good and yeah, it is.

Whatever he gets make sure it is a subohm tank that is easy to buy coils for. You can get Smok coils everywhere but it is russian roulette in a pack of Smok coils, not the best quality control. Freemax coils are available in every store in my area.

Might want to consider Horizon Falcon as well but I stopped buying coils for mine. I am just hooked on the 2 Freemax mesh tanks and now the Zeus Subohm.

I will agree with everyone else that building is the way to go but you have to walk before you run. I always start my friends off with subohm tanks then RTA’s, find it easier to make it as easy as possible for them to make the switch.


Good point, some people prefer MTL. He might want…wait for it…can’t believe I am going to say this…trembling…a pod system :flushed::pleading_face::tired_face:

I hate to admit it but the Smok Nord 2 with the RPM40 .40 ohm coil is crazy tasty. Any of the Smok pods that use that same coil should be the same. I generally never buy Smok stuff but when my friend told me I had to try the Nord 2 I immediately recognized the juice, one I make for him and I was immediately impressed.


Nooooooooo! Don’t say that


If you do decide to source a sub ohm tank for him I can recommend the one and only non-rebuildable I use - the Nunchaku. I use one for car journeys and dog walks and it never leaks, even when it falls over in my pocket. The flavour from the UN2 Mesh coil is fantastic for a low-ish wattage coil (50-55 watts ideal for me) and as they fit the nunchaku 2 tanks they’ll be around for a while. I’ve never had a dud and they last longer than any other sub ohm coil I’ve used, which admittedly is not that many. The tank is cheap to buy, easy to fill and can take a bubble glass.
(If MTL seems the way to go, I’d recommend the Innokin Zlide).


My two cents here. A tank like the Kylin M is dirt simple to set-up. You can use either pre-cut mesh, normally Kanthal or SS. The other choice is to buy the mesh in 5ft rolls. It’s dead simple to take an original pre-cut mesh, measure it up, cut it and then install it. The Kylin M makes it as simple as it possibly could be. On top of that, the flavor is fantastic.

I’ve never understood the resistance some people show to a bit of learning and work when it comes to vaping. Almost all of us here have quit smoking because of vaping. It’s not like a person is being asked to learn something for the sake of itself. We’re talking about a life changing thing that will improve and extend one’s life dramatically. Isn’t that worth a bit of effort?


Yep, good advice. For me, I prefer the Geekvape Cerberus with The Aegis X. (I will have a review for the Aegis X very soon). The reason I go with the Cerberus is the fact that they keep sending the damn thing to me and second, the coils go on sale a lot and are easy to get and a bonus found by… was it you @Lostmarbles? Anywho, you can use v8 baby coils and if you friend finally decides to build, he can use the v8 baby RBA. (it works too).

Awesome! I recently converted another cousin and I make his juice for him.

LOL. Yes, that is a good point. I got you there too. I would pick up the Aspire Zelos Kit which comes with the Nautilus 2S which IMO has the best pre-built MTL coils on the market.

Same here.


I mainly use the FreemaxMeshPro with double mesh coils, I have Several of them and vape at 60-62 watts, I never had leaking in pocket but many ppl have complained of that problem.
Another tank I would Highly recommend is the Valyrian 2, I have one and plan on buying more!


I agree with @natbone. I have both mesh sub-ohm tanks and mesh RTA’s. From a cost and flavor perspective, the mesh RTA’s gets my vote. Sub-ohm coils are a tad pricey and usually don’t last as long as the mesh strips (IMHO). The Kylin M is very easy to wick although a beginner might need a few practice runs to nail it.

But the nice part about a mesh RTA is you can easily change out the wicking while keeping the mesh intact. You can’t do that with the sub-ohm versions.


Thanks everyone, to address the rebuilding statements, he is the type of guy that will end up letting his stock coils go an extra day or two cause he doesn’t feel like dicking with it to change them. I offered to give him a squonk setup, all he would have to do is change cotton, and he is not interested at all lol. He hits my vapes every now and then and he can rip a 60 watt coil in an rda no problem but he thought my 80 watt coils in the boreas were a little hot. I think that a pod system with internal battery would probably piss him off because he would forget to charge it and end up smoking again, I’m giving him a triple battery mod and with a 40-60 watt tank he should have to charge his batteries every other night.


He doesn’t want you to inhale for him also? Man, you have more patience with that guy than I ever would.


I am super impressed with the Voopoo NAVI mod/pod. So much so I can overlook the small juice capacity and small’ish fill hole. The flavor is fantastic!!! Burnt coils are a thing of the past. Very pocketable, quick charge, don’t need to change settings at all(automatic) but you can if you want to. Choice of draw or button activation, or both. Fantastic flavor. I’ve run 50/50 pg/vg as well as 05/95 and many combinations in between without even noticing a difference!!! I’ve used salt nic and regular nic both. The damn thing is just hard not to love and want to use. I really hate that whenever I see it or think about it I also know in my head that I could give away ALL my other vape gear and still be satisfied with the NAVI as a smoker(but not as a hobbyist). I have tried desperately not to attach myself to it. I’ve made a rule for myself to only use it when I’m charging my three daily drivers. If they make a larger capacity tank with a larger fill hole :100:





Does he have a cell phone?