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Mom and Pop Flavors?

I stumbled across a very few uses of these Mom and Pop flavors, and one in particular sounds interesting, the Calipitter Chow, and it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. Does anyone have, or use these flavors, and are there any Must Haves ?


I have three Mom & Pops concentrates which are;

1/ Praze tobacco. Mixed @ 12% and certainly not memorable being a weak flavour of something I wouldn’t associate with tobacco .
2/ TNT tobacco . Mixed @. 12% and another quite bland taste. A little better with a hint of caramel.
3/ Calipitter Chow- Unfortunately the one you ask about I haven’t tried yet but it does come highly recommended from a member of ELR.

About as useful as a punch in the nuts I know but I thought I’d respond with what I know.


From Arom’team

Calipitter Chow Mom and Pop

A tasty, gourmet, creamy dessert without being too sweet.
A flavor difficult to describe as it is nuanced but likely to please many subtle palates.

Some perceive a taste of toasted marshmallow concluding on subtle cereal notes, others find a v anilla waffle flavor followed by popcorn , others a sugar cookie ending with Krispies type cereals
Well, nobody agree but everyone loves this gourmet concentrate flavor !


@Woftam @Tam Vapes @marsh8 … Tam Vapes use the Calipiter Chow in a few recipes


I’ve used the Calipitta Chow in a couple recipes but never solo’d it, I had to delete the recipes when I did a merge to another site due the the incorrect naming convention on ELR, “Mom & Pop” vs correct “Mom and Pop”
If I remember it was a good flavor, think I used it at 5% with some Butter Cream and popcorn.
Will have to go through my notes…


I found the Chocomocha Chow, haven’t used it in a long time and only used it in a mix without testing properly.
Have just whipped up a SF starting low at 2%…it still smells amazing :wink: but there’s something about it I’m unsure of testing it now, maybe it’s the cream that has been used which I drowned out previously. Tastes like long life stuff.
It was good in the mix I tried, which I can’t find at the moment


Hehe, @Rocky02852 I remember the M&P hell that unleashed, hehe.

Roger that.


Thank you @marsh8.


I hadn’t really heard of them, and literally saw barely any notes on them, was considering hitting them up to see if they had any review samples.