Money to burn

I’ve been thinking (which for me is dangerous), that $50 can buy me:
2-new attys
A new mod
Several bottles of ejuice
A DIY ejuice kit

While pre-made ejuice is more convenient, I’ve already spent a ton on shipping charges. Making my own would virtually eliminate said charges.

I think it’s a pretty dang good idea. What say you?


Go to
Use promo code 1320.
Free shipping.
120 ml for 13 dollars.
Try summer sweetie, if your a candy / fruity flavor fan.
Thank me later.




I’d suggest starting DIY. It’s so much cheaper, enjoyable, rewarding, list goes on and 2nd best thing ive done in a few years only beat by vaping.


ELR reading is the best kit available and is free. Research here what u need to buy to kick start yourself.


Maybe I should give it a try too. Been buying juice for a year now. My vape-aversery is coming up in a week or two. March 25 , 2017 last cig. !!!
Maybe for my versery I’ll try diy


Perfect amount too since most reward free ship’n on 50 bucks, not sure about hawaii? tho. Gl to u!


Nicotine River and My Freedom Smokes has a complete kit for $50. I’m going to have to give it some serious thought.

Thanks for all the input!


I think he’s in Texas. (Or she)
Think I caught that in another thread


I’m a He. LOL Formerly from HI, now in TX

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I use NR myself and although mfs is a great vendor, u have more options @ NR


I would suggest you not start with a general flavoring kit as they are usually include staples you need for many recipes but rarely do they include enough to make a recipe that your are actually interested in. Look through ELR and find something you like…here is a simple one of 4 ingredients plus the VG/PG & Nic you will need that I happen to enjoy.

I would suggest a vendor like Nicotine River for your supplies. Perhaps order your nicotine in the strength you like already premixed in either VG or PG (I went with vg). I like 70/30 so my first order included a gallon of VG and a liter of PG. What e-liquids do you normally vape now that you would like to be able to start making for yourself. The choices you have at your disposal are huge. Don’t find the volume anything but your guide… it is very simple to make your own vape and in the end, you will find that your are only spending $1-2 per bottle vs the $18-25 you might be paying at retail. Significant savings.

So with that $50 1st buy:
a dozen flavors you have found that will make 3 exact recipes you think sound ideal.

Also, check out and see if they still have any stock left from their introductory flavor line… 16 flavors for $0.79 each with free US shipping. $12.64 for all total. They only have 4,000 of each to sell and half were gone midday yesterday.


I disagree with you… the kits from Nic River and liquid barn are both good ways to start since in both cases you choose what flavors you want…

Research the flavors before buying
Look at recipes you think you might like based of your flavors you like

Then decide what flavors to choose…

In my opinion it’s the least expensive way to get into DIY… besides you always in the end . You always end up buying more flavors to try…


At first I’d thought I’d go with the pre-made flavors (cappuchino, orange creamsicle, etc), and later, as I get better, to mix my own concoctions

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So far I’ve only tried liquid barn cappuccino. I have another from Nic River sitting on the shelf … but as a single flavor I don’t like it… needs to be mixed with something else to tone it down

Here’s one I found that I like


Thanks, I’ll certainly give it a try. Now I need to put together a list. Not sure which brand/brands I’ll use. That was my next question

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It is in your best interest to go to the recipes side of this site, go over and click on the rating side to bring up the most highly rated recipes then pick some from there and get the flavors to make them in your starter kit. If you go haphazardly picking random flavors from random manufactures you’ll have a good chance of ending up unhappy with the DIY experience you’ll have. Once you made a few tried and true recipes then start building your flavor stash, studying notes and mixing testers for each flavor to understand each flavors specific flavor profile to mix them into desirable or even vapable juice. I’m quite certain there’s already at least one topic on just this subject and even a flavor list from the top however many recipes already if you search for it. heres one but its a pretty old post


There’s about five online vendors I frequent that have outrageous specials: 120 mls for $5-$10. But when shipping is factored in comes to about $10-$15 per order.

DIY sounds REALLY good right now

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Yes, as much as possible I was going with one vendor for flavors. Mixing and matching manufacturers sounds like a recipe (no pun intended) for disaster.

Flavourart? Flavorah? Flavor Apprentice? I’d better check out that recipe section and find out.

Much mahalos to everyone for the advice!


i would suggest researching these flaves very well for the most part they need additional flavors to make them what they are supposed to be , there are some like RFSC strawberry milkshake that are good alone , just research or you may end up buying a bunch of subpar flaves