Monkfruit Sweetener?

This came with my Medicine Flower Blueberry today. Any idea if this is something we can vape and how the heck I’d mix it into a flavor concentrate if we can?

I have some of those samples also. I don’t think they are meant for vaping.

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okay cool I’ll try it in my coffee then

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I just now looked that product up and the first ingredient is erythritol. That’s something I personally avoid because it’s sweetness by weight is very low and so it’s used as a bulking agent in powdered sugar substitutes. To me, that makes it unsuitable, but people have reported mixed results (by that I mean some were happy, some were not) dissolving erythritol in PG and using it as a sweetener.

IF you wanted to try, I’d start with something like 1g sweetener + 9g PG and then use that at like 1% in an unflavored tester. Actually, that’d be my recommendation for experimenting with any GRAS edible solid sweetener.

But trying it in your coffee first is best, because that’ll tell you real quick whether you even like the stuff when used as intended! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Zigz :slight_smile:

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