Monq personal essential oil diffuser
So I’ve been seeing this company’s ads pop up in my Facebook feed for a little while now. I’m really into essential oils (which is probably why the fb gods keep showing it to me) but immediately I wondered how this could possibly be safe…?! It’s endorsed by one of my favorite EO gurus, Robert Tisserand, which surprised me a lot. He’s huge on safety. Am I missing something? Isn’t it a HUGE no no to inhale oils?? Just to be clear, I’m in no way interested in using this product. I’ve just had it on my mind because I keep seeing it and can’t for the life of me understand how this isn’t dangerous. I’ve seen people here and there ask about using essential oils in their ecigs and the only answer I’ve ever seen was that it’s dangerous. So anyway, thoughts or insight on inhaling EOs?

I think this statement from there web site is why it is considered safe

– Use gentle breaths, and without inhaling into the lungs, to get the best effect from MONQ.

I’m confused by that though, is it actually possible to breath something in, exhale through your nose, and not have it enter your lungs?

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Yes it is. It takes a little practice but is definitely possible.

I think with the looks of it so similar to a e-cig they should have this warning much more present and not something you have to dig for.

Dangerous in todays market in my opinion as it could easily be mistaken for a normal e-cig and used that way.


You have to puff on it without inhaling and then blow it out. So basically it is just a human dispenser for EO, might as well just have one of those things you plug into a wall socket. Brilliant marketing though, how to get people to buy shit that already exists in a much better and safer form to add to the other pile of useless :poop:


I use something similar to this product! :grinning: Looks something like this…


But on a serious note :grinning: just FYI for your essential oil perusal needs, I ran across a list of reputable vendors the other day… Don’t have links to all of these, but here they are…

Aroma suppliers:

Absolute Aromas

Amrita Aromatherapy

Anatolian Treasures

Appalachian Valley Natural Products


Aromatics International

Aura Cacia

Barefut Essential Oils

Down to Earth Oils

Eden Botanicals

Essential 3

The Essential Oil Company

Essential Oil Exchange

Eve Taylor (North America, London)



Glory Be Herbals

Gritman Essential Oils


Just the Essentials, LLC

Kelley Pure Essential Oils

Loving Scents Aromatherapy

Morning Myst Botanica

Mountain Rose Herbs

Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy

Nature’s Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy

New Directions Aromatics

Northern Prairie Aromatherapy

NYR Organic/Neal’s Yard Remedies


Plant Therapy

Pompeii Organics

Prima Fleur Botanicals

Rae Dunphy Aromatics

SAMARA BOTANE/Nature Intelligence

Spa Essentials by Lola

Starwest Botanicals

Stillpoint Aromatics

SunRose Aromatics

White Lotus Aromatics



Sweet! I mainly use Plant Therapy and Aura Cacia, both are on the list. Woot woot!

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Love these guys! They have swell articles which they post on their FB feed. This is where I get my tobacco absolute - Nicotiana Rustica…tasty stuff! :grinning:


Well, I’ve been using this kind of Diffuser - PureSpa Compact Ultrasonic and I have to admit it does require some practice not to let the stuff into your lungs when inhaling - this one just works better for me than monq.

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