Mophorn (Vevor) 85-2 magnetic stirrer w/ hotplate

Hello everyone I am new here and to diy mixing. I was curious if anyone out here has used the Mophorn 85-2 magnetic stirrer w/ heating element and has a copy of the instructions they could upload. I received a unit with no instructions and I am not sure how to set the parameters for the heat. I put 60ml of straight PG in a 150ml beaker as a test and set the temp to 40c (unit only reads Celsius) and it overshot the target temp by quite a bit (got to 83c). Any help would greatly appreciated.


Try this…
Operation manual


Thank you for the reply. Those instructions sure leave a lot to be desired. I guess I wasn’t missing out on much by not having a manual lol.

I was able to find some other instructions on the internet and have been playing with it a little bit with some success. Here is what I found in case anyone else may happen to be looking for them.

  • How to adjust the parameters:
  • 1.Long press “SET” for 3 seconds to enter parameter adjustment mode. “Sc” means the error value between estimated value and real error value, default “Sc” value is 0.0.
  • To adjust the error values, you can press SET again and adjust the error values between -9.9~9.0
  • 2.Press the button “SET” to enter the adjustment of the next parameter after finishing the installation. The interphase shows “E” which expresses the lead of breakpoint control (only come into effect when the value “P” is set up at 0).
  • The windows default is 0.5 and the adjustment mode is the same as Sc
  • 3.Again, press the button “SET”to get into the third parameter. “P” on the interphase is installed with the value “P”, whose meaning is starting control temperature roughly equals set value (10/p value). If installed at 50 degrees, the value P starts controlling at 10, showing 49 degrees, while starting adjustment at 4, showing 47.5 degrees.
  • If the temperature is a little higher than it is used, turn down the value “P” properly. If the temperature is rising slowly, or always not reaching the controlled temperature, turn up the value “P” in an appropriate way. (Notes: when the value “P” is zero, which means that it has entered the controlling mode of breakpoint, that is, the system “PID” is invalid.When the temperature lowers the set value—the value”E”, it needs heating, otherwise, stop heating.)
  • 4.Again, press the button “SET” and enter the last parameter “C”, which is temporarily considered as the retention parameter in the inner system. There is no need for adjustment at this time. The windows default is 20.0. After all parameters are set up, press the button “SET” and then go back to the normal working state.

There are also AL (factory set to 10.0) and RI (factory set at 000) that I haven’t found any explanation for yet


You’ll figure it out. :sunglasses:


A little more progress:


Sc - temperature error correction

E - ?

P - temperature control activation value below set temperature (10/p) ie: 10/10.0 = 1c 10/4.0 = 2.5c 10/2.0 = 5c 10/1.0 = 10c

C - ?

AL - (Alarm) temperature variance above set temperature to trigger alarm (a simple red LED) and turn off heat

RI - (Timer) time to keep at set temperature in minutes


BTW welcome to the ELR forums!


Welcome and glad you joined.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to learning a ton and hopefully being able to contribute along the way.


If your mixing by volume (ML) i could see using a stirrer but a heated stirrer tbh i dont see what purpose it serves cuz its not gonna help steep times im afraid,only time can do that or an expensive homagenizer thing that supposedly “Does” work but ive been told by multiple known mixers your just gonna stir it well n but not help steep times but stir away if u think it helps,I am sorry your having a problem with the temp part tho,its prob a trial n error type thing.Wierd theres no instruction booklet ?


I am mixing by weight and only really using a little heat (~40*c target) to thin the pg/vg and add flavorings. Once I add the flavors I turn the heat off and let it cool to room temp with just the stirrer running prior to adding nic base. Then mix with just the stirrer for ~20min. It seems to get a good mix without having to shake the bottle. The stirrer was rather inexpensive even with the heat plate. I purchased it primarily for the magnetic stirrer but the heat seems to help with the mixing. From what I have found it doesn’t seem like I was missing much by not having an instructtion booklet. At this point it is more of an exercise in problem solving (which I rather enjoy) and curiosity. I have mixed a few bottles of juice I am waiting to steep and a couple snv bottles that turned out very vapable. Thanks for the input


I never understood the reasoning for thinning PG/VG. In my mind PG is already thin enough. Same with flavors. The VG ratio can always be adjusted if it’s too thick. I’ve always mixed with everything at room temp, except for the nic. Never had a problem.


And his reasoning all seems to be about not having to shake it as much by using a stirrer n heat when it only takes a little shaking here n there.If its a shake n vape i shake it more of coarse but still only takes a minute at the end of the day.A person who’s mixed 300 bottles knows this…its the new mixers that come up with these theories…Sure if your mixing by volume in a beaker use the stirrer but thats as far as it goes especiay a steeper,u can shake it now n then and good enough :ok_hand:

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I appreciate your advice as I am indeed new to mixing but it wasn’t my theory it was information that was posted on other sources. I do indeed mix in a beaker on a scale by weight not by volume though. I am merely trying to use a process that is repeatable and easy to make adjustments to recipes with documentation of my trials and outcomes. I guess I can tend to complicate things coming from an engineering type background where repeatability and process documentation are critical.

Again I appreciate your input and am learning as I go.


No i was a bit moody that day :laughing: im sorry whatever you feel helps the process along is great.The stirrer should make it plyable n blended,the added heat i was only thinking of the nic( if there is any in it during that part of your process ) as i heard it tends to yellow the nic when changing temps but certainly the 1 time heated stirring isnt gonna do much to the nic anyway.I think they meant for me to not keep letting it thaw n refreeze as little as possible etc So your good bud :ok_hand: Thanks man,enjoy and mix on :blush: