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Most helpful single flavor


Most Helpful? Probably Marshmallow… but, I’m torn like Ringling… there are soooo many favorites that I
can’t do without.

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UPDATE: I no longer use EM for anything other than Cotton Candy, which it is…Reason being that EM fades other flavors it is mixed with…


How are you putting your cotton candy recipe Together if you care to share? I seen one ppl rave about but it involves FA joy and that is like the unicorn of flavors haha i cant find it anywhere and havr been hunting for it for 3 weeks now

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…but you have to by 4oz! Hope you like Joy!


Nothing really to share. I just use TFA Cotton Candy/EM at 15%. No thrills cotton candy. You can flavor with some fruits if you want but they will be muted from the EM. These days I avoid mixing with EM…


Haha Im a Happy guy but thats just too much joy for my life at the moment lol

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I like high cotton candy % as well ring.
My very first recipe still vaping it today.

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I use cotton candy (tfa) as my sweetener it gives it that mouthfeel also, but I am a heavy sweet cream user. I will have to pick up some Cream Fresh and keep it on hand, and mix up a batch of Milkstone also. :sunglasses:

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Marshmallow (CAP)
subs for all the other “Mouthfeel” texturizing fillers which usually sweeten, as well; e.g., meringue, fresh cream, torrone, whipped cream, sweet cream, EM, cotton candy, almond, etc etc etc

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Possibly Graham Cracker V1 by Capella


Well… maybe not the most helpful, but I’m impressed with it’s accuracy and longevity. It’s the lead flavor in 3 of my favorite mixes. It seems to mimic a tobacco type note (throat hit and palate feel), but it offers much more than some tobacco flavors I’ve used. I think in small %s it will pair well and enhance some tobacco flavors. I can see subbing this instead of graham cracker in some mixes. IMO it’s a must for a well rounded flavor stash…


Cookies and bacca?! DON’T DO IT!!


most useful flavor would be FA marshmallow imo followed by Cap sugar cookie these two flaves could be incorporated in any mix for multiple purposes , of course these arent my favorite flaves but over all the most helpful SF

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Creams… You are my kind of mixer!!

I have been looking for a Vanilla Madness or Ultimate Vanilla – Vanilla CREAM – without custard though…

Would you mind sharing your Vanilla Extreme recipe? TIA


I would say FA Marshmallow for the fluff it adds

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