Most Volatile flavors that easy Come easy Go

Guys I need your advice Im new to DIY and ive heard that some flavors dont last much such as strawberry ripe tfa… Kindly share your experience on what other flavors could faint fast and how to overcome this when steeping, airation and storage general…
Much appreciate your support

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Many lighter fruits tend to fade faster if you use strong creams or sweeteners [like marshmallow]

Strawberry ripe is definitely one of the weakest flavors out there. It’s lovely, but disappointingly weak. You could use 10% of it in a mix and it’ll still fade it you add something it doesn’t get along with.

If you want stronger, longer lasting flavors, look to Flavourart or Inawera. But like all products, it’s a case of trial and error to find what you like. I could tell you some to try, but you might find them rank :smiley:

I will anyway: INW - Shisha Strawberry and raspberry, both nice and strong without being over powering. I found Shisha strawberry at a low % with Strawberry ripe helps it hold up much better. INW Blackcurrant is lovely, think Ribena, or another strong cordial, it’s got a definitive juiciness and only needs be used at low percentages. INW pineapple and pear are also very good, and true to natural flavor.

Be wary of INW oddball flavorings, anything with ‘wild’ in the name or ‘Wera garden’ - they can be … strange. Stick to their standard or Shisha or yummy classic variants [Lord knows why they make it so confusing!]

Flavourart: Fuji apple - a strong, dominating crisp apple [supposedly a mix of green and red] I get a hint of pear from it too. Very versatile flavoring, and since it is very strong, you only ever need 1-3% depending how much apple you want present, so a 10ml bottle lasts ages. FA Forest mix is great, it’s a mix of blackberry, raspberry, blueberry … mixed forest fruits basically. Again it holds up well, in fact gets stronger with steeping. I use it regular in my ‘Wild wood’ custard.

Ones I found to fade quickly or be ‘weak’: FA Pear, most strawberries [INW being one of the stronger] TFA dragonfruit, TFA blueberry wild [nice, but needs to be at high % to be noticed]


Honestly the only problem flavor that I wish was as good fresh compared to well steeped is lemon Sicily FA.

Everything else, after experiance, I’ve learned to mix based on my average steep of 5 weeks.

Of course there are challenging factors. Like when you add cotton candy/EM…it can cause some fading. Or mixing with things like pepper FA…it fun but can be a b*thc.

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:smiley: :smiley: thnx dude soo much…

Actually I just got Marshmallow FA :smile: to use it with starwberry ripe tfa as sweetener in my strawberry cheesecake recipe…
Will u plz if u have a good recipe for strawberry cheesecake coconut cream Ill appreciate… I just got my frst flavors
1- Cheesecake graham crust tfa
2- Vanilla swirl tfa
3- dx bavarian cream tfa
4- strawberry ripe tfa
5- marshmallow fa
6- coconut fa
Got ideas??!

Marshmallow is fine, I use it all the time, and FA’s is the best one. But I’ve seen recipes where people are using over 2% of it along with weaker fruits, and it can mute them. 1% is enough.

I would try something like:

Cheesecake Graham crust - 4.5%
Bavarian cream - 1.5%
Strawberry ripe - 6%
Coconut - 1%
Marshmallow - 1%

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