Mother milk, mother milk unicorn, and O.B with TFA flavors

Hi, I have the below flavors and i want recipes for Mother milk, mother milk unicorn, and O.B but only with below TFA flavors plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TFA
strawberry ripe tfa
TFA Bavarian Cream
Tfa strawberry ripe
TFA Sweet Cream
TFA Vanilla Custard


Go to the recipe side,
Search for the recipes,
Substitute the flavours with TFA.

Hope that helps

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i did so but it doesn’t work and show my recipes with another flavors :frowning:

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Click the wrench and select adapt,
Change the flavours to your ones,

CAP cheesecake > TFA Cheesecake

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if i change the brand of the flavor i think the percentage also not the same ?

Tfa unicorn milk is already listed elr.
Here’s the link


also can you find me the O.B recipe with TFA flavors

You could always use the search function on the recipe side yourself.


I don’t know what o.b is. All you can do is search for the recipe and then go through them all until you find a tfa version. You’ll need to do the legwork yourself on that one. The unicorn milk needs at least one month to steep before it’s ready so get mixing on that for now as it won’t be ready to vape until early March.


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