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Mother's We Thank You


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mom’s out there. Thank you for all you do and the sacrifice’s you’ve made to be a mother. You are truly the back bone of life and we appreciate you💗


Could not have said it better

Ditto what he said


Thank you for the kind words and acknowledgment very sweet soul


:hearts: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY :heart: And now for a history lesson on the subject. A bit dark but true:


A mother is someone to shelter and guide us,
To love us, whatever we do,
With a warm understanding and infinite patience,
And wonderful gentleness, too.

How often a mother means swift reassurance
In soothing our small, childish fears,
How tenderly mothers watch over their children
And treasure them all through the years.

The hearth of a mother is full of forgiveness
For any mistake, big or small,
And generous always in helping her family
Whose needs she has placed above all.

A mother can utter a word of compassion
And make all our cares fall away,
She can brighten a home with the sound of her laughter
And make life delightful and gay.

A mother possesses incredible wisdom
And wonderful insight and skill-
In each human heart is that one special corner
Which only a mother can fill!

Author: Katherine Nelson Davis


Lovely, Robert. Rest peacefully, mom :sunflower: