Mouthwatering Vape Juice

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a good additive/concentrate to add to my recipes.

I’m working on an opal fruit, starburst to the younger out there which is getting there but I want to get that
"Made to make your mouth water" effect, which is not there yet.
I would love to get the mouthwatering effect in some of my fruity juices mainly because I often suffer from dry mouth.

Any help would be appreciated… BTW I’m in the UK


FA Fuji Apple and Inawera Cactus at low %s are the two that immediately come to mind that produce this effect. Worth a look. :slight_smile:


I second that :grinning:


A third on the Fuji Apple. It’s an amazing flavor.


You can also use Pear.


Thanks jojo, josephine and tinman, with 3 votes looks like that’s the one to try.

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With cooking, we use acids to add mouth water. I assume it’s the same but I have not tested yet. Try it, citric,malic or ascorbic for a fruit mix I reckon.

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And (why am I feeling that I repeat myself? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) my beloved Dragonfruit is very moisty. To me at least.


Could check out Kiwi FA.

What JoJo Said

Thanks for everyone’s input, got my order in, once it comes and I’ve had a play around I’ll post the recipe for anyone that’s lookin for similar.

Cherimoya YC INW. . .that is a great, mouth-wateringly tangy flavor. Buy a BIG bottle, it’s killer. You might consider trying @bradslinux very addictive recipe with it (sorry to link, I guess chrome is not liking the ELR copy-as function):


Just mixed up another tester, added 1% fuji apple and 1% dragonfruit to the mix, gonna steep for a week.

Very interested in this mate, I bought the starburst concentrate from vapours r us and it’s not good.

Keep us updated