Move save button for flavor details or even better, autosave?

I apparently have lost the data I entered for about 50 flavor concentrates because I didn’t see the ‘Save’ button all the way on the bottom. I started at the top of my Flavor Stash and then looked the flavor up on old invoices to find the size and price. This was quite tedious, and all is lost. There has to be a better way to enter bottle size, cost, SG, etc.

Also, don’t make the same mistake I did (same result you had…) and keep the “master list” open in one page, and then open each flavor individually in others.

I updated things in each individual page and would click save on them… And once I was all done with the side notes (and had closed them out) I refreshed the main page (to ideally make sure all of the “side-saves” were applied/imported into the master list), and then clicked save on that.

Somewhere something got jacked up…and everything was lost. (As it was explained to me, either Tokens timed out, or got crossed. Either way, it sucks, and I know your pain.)

I’ve been leary of dealing with it since. Though the last couple times I’ve done “spot updates” everything went fine. It just hates those of us who prefer to do “marathon sessions”, where we knock it all out at once. :angry:

I do it from the main flavor stash page, click the expand button on the right update the flavors I need to then click save, I’ve never had a problem this way.

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That makes perfect sense, provided you know there’s a save button at the bottom of the page. I never had to hit save when adding a flavor, so it didn’t occur to me to scroll down past 100+ other flavors to look for the button.

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I started wit just a few flavors, 15 to be exact. So it was easy to see at the bottom of the screen

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